Guys Get Real on How Often They Think About Their Exes

We all have our moments.

You know, when you think about your ex even though you really, really don’t want to. Even if you swear you’re over them and have a new boo thang that you’re totally crushing on, sometimes your mind just wanders back — sometimes in your dreams, which is high-key the worst.

But does this ex-wistfulness happen to guys too? Fo sho.

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One Reddit user, LotusInBloom, had her ex on her mind and was wondering if maybe he had her on his mind, so she asked guys on Reddit how often they think about their exes.

Obviously, the answer totally depends on the person, but it’s always good to see inklings of the fact that some guys have feelings.

Some guys tugged on our heart strings and are still totally caught up in their ex boo thang.

“I dated my ex for 9 years, broke up about 1.5 years ago. I think about her every day, which is way too much,” said Reddit user Josh_Groban. “I was seeing a therapist for a while because I couldn’t stop feeling regret and thinking about her all the time. But as time goes on the thoughts are less strong and further apart.”

Aww, Josh bb, we’re here for you! Unless you fucked up and that’s why you broke up, then it’s your loss. But damn, nine years?!

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Honestly, some of these guys worry me.

“We broke up nearly 4 years ago, and I would say [I think about her] every other day still,” said Reddit user Danny_2109. “I loved her like mad, and still haven’t felt remotely the same about another girl since.”

This is not looking good for those of us who are hoping to get over an ex quickly, TBH.

But sometimes it’s all good and you just have fleeting sad moments when you see a reminder.

“[I think about my ex] every now and again when I’m lonely or when I see a redhead,” said Reddit user Atheist101. “Or when I see an ambulance (she was an EMT) my hopes always get up that she’ll be driving it and I can catch another glimpse of her. Which actually did happen a few weeks ago when I was out with my friends. I was so shocked to see her driving it that I zoned out for a few minutes and my friends were like, ‘WTF are you ok?’ She obviously didn’t see me because she was driving, but all the memories came flooding back in that instant. I was happy but also sad at the same time.”

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This is so real. All the more reason to skip town when you break up with someone, TBH. That way, you can hopefully have more “mature” approach to the missing your ex thing, like some other Reddit bros.

“My longest relationship was 7 years, I still think about it sometimes but I don’t miss her as a person, I miss how I felt in that relationship,” said unreadable_captcha.

V wise of you, man, v wise.

“Sure, I miss my ex,” said Reddit user dickwad69. “But not in the ‘I hope we get back together’ way, because we broke up for a reason.”

Other guys have this magical thing where they can completely wipe their exes from their brains, I guess. Maybe some “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” type shit?

“Hardly ever. I prefer my past to stay in the past,” said Reddit user Knights_of_the_Night. “I think much more about the present and future.”

Good for you, man.

And sometimes, even if your ex doesn’t miss you, he misses that ass. Especially if he sees good pics of it on Instagram.

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“My first ever ex crosses my mind almost as regularly [as my more recent exes] since she’s hot as fuck and posts nice pictures on FB and Insta,” admitted Reddit user KovacsTakeshi.

But the absolute worst is when your dreams bring your exes back from the dead! Like, nobody asked for this!

“[We] dated for four years, been broken up three years. At first, [I thought about her] all the time,” said Reddit user Donut-Puncher. “Maybe after a year, the thoughts changed to pretty rarely because I started dating other people again which ended up just being flings and with me comparing them to the long term girlfriend. Last 2-3 months? Every week I’ve had some of the realest feeling dreams about her. So much so the first one I woke up and flipped over expecting her to be there… she wasn’t. It was crazy. Life’s weird.”

Ah, yes. Life is weird.

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