Guys Treat Girls Differently Based On How Much Makeup They’re Wearing

Have you ever noticed that some girls get polite and interesting messages on Tinder while some get raunchy pick-up lines that involve the acronym “DTF”?

Well, it might be because guys treat girls differently based on how much makeup we wear.

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with guys’ ridiculous claim that they “love girls who don’t wear makeup,” it’s actually something they might not even be aware of.

Cosmopolitan had 10 women test how heavy makeup vs. light makeup affected their Tinder matches, and they found something interesting: women were way more likely to receive creepy messages when using their heavily made-up photos.

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But it wasn’t that dudes were treating women with lots of makeup different than women with “natural” makeup, it’s that the women were attracting a different type of dude when they used photos with lots of makeup. I’m sure you can guess the kind of dude, but in a word: a douchebag.

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, PhD, author of Anatomy of Love, explained to Cosmo that there is a certain type of guy that is more attracted to women who wear lots of makeup because it mimics signs of high estrogen levels.

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This type of guy has high testosterone, self-confidence, and assertiveness, but reduced empathy — weirdly similar to the traits of a psychopath, right?

So if you’re actually looking for a dude who wants to bone all night and never call you again, definitely play up the pics of you with a full contour.

This is shitty, because if you’re a Sephora-junkie, you may bemore likely to attract douchebags than your friend who doesn’t even know what primer is.

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Is it unfair? Yes. Is it your fault? No, it’s guys’ fault for not understanding that the amount of makeup you wear has no bearing on your actual personality.

Maybe if you’re trying to test a guy’s level on the douchebag scale, you should show up with barely any makeup and see how he reacts? It’s a great way to weed out the fuckboys.

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