Don’t Mistake These Things for a Guy Catching Feelings

In 2017, the bar is set low for men pursuing women.

In fact, we’d argue that the bar has always been set pretty low, because guys are idiots.

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But just because guys aren’t great at being decent human beings and you know, not assholes, doesn’t mean that you should lower your standards when it comes to guys you give your attention to. It also means that you shouldn’t mistake average behavior for something that means a guy is obsessed and in love with you.

Sorry to burst your bubble and be harsh, but too many girls are mistaking certain behaviors for guys “catching feelings,” when it’s simply not the case. Don’t fall for one of these things and end up catching feelings for a fuckboy.

1. He Watches All Your Snapchat/Instagram Stories

Alright, let’s face it. Someone watching your Snapchat or Instagram story means nothing. So many people simply scroll through everyone’s stories to get rid of the notifications. Sure, there’s a chance that the dude you’re talking to doesn’t watch anyone’s story but yours, but there’s also a chance he quickly scrolls through everyone’s story while in bed with another girl.

If you’re the type of person who says stuff like, “my ex has been watching all my Snapchat stories, he clearly misses me,” you sound like an idiot.

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2. He Lets You Sleep Over After a Hookup

A guy refraining from kicking you out of his place at 3 a.m. isn’t God’s gift to the earth, he’s just not a complete asshole. Or maybe he’s just lazy and wants to go to sleep rather than explain to you why you’ve got to go. Either way, allowing you to sleep over isn’t a sign that a guy is head over heels. In fact, it might just mean that he likes to cuddle.

Which brings me to my next point.

3. He Wants To Cuddle Post-Sex

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “WTF, why would a guy want to cuddle with me if he doesn’t like me?” I had the same question, but I realized that guys are truly psychopaths when they admitted they’ll cuddle with girls they don’t actually like. Blame it on the fact that our culture shames men who want to be affectionate, so they have to get it where they can. Or blame it on guys being creepy gropers. Either way, a dude wanting to spoon doesn’t mean he’s down to make you wifey.

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4. He Calls You When He’s Drunk

A common search term that we’ve discovered through our own Google Analytics is girls wondering, “what does it  mean if he calls me when he’s drunk?” Surely, the answer they’re hoping for is “because when he’s drunk you’re the only girl he’s thinking of.” But more likely, it’s because he’s horny and calling any girls he thinks are DTF. Even more likely, the real reason he’s calling you is because… he’s drunk. We’ve all done very, very questionable things when we’re drunk. It doesn’t always have a true “meaning,” it’s just the tequila making its own agenda.

If he calls you when he’s sober, now we’re talking.

5. He Invites You To His Pregame/Party

We sort of understand the confusion here. In your early 20’s, many one night stands end in you never hearing from the dude ever again, so when he texts you inviting you to his pregame, or frat party, or whatever, it may seem like a good sign. After all, it means he wants to see you again, right?

You’re not wrong, but him wanting to see you again shouldn’t be confused for him wanting to make you the mother of his children. Yes, he clearly had a good time with you and maybe wants to go round two, but maybe he also just wants his friends to think he’s cool and is therefore inviting as many hot girls to his apartment as possible. It’s definitely not a bad sign, but don’t get ahead of yourself.

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6. He Asks For Pictures

This really shouldn’t need to be said, but alas, it does. A guy asking for pictures isn’t “cute” or a sign that he can’t get enough of you. It’s a sign that he’s seeing how far he can push you, or a sign that he’s trying to add a pic of your titties to his collection. There’s nothing wrong with sexting if that’s your thing, but a guy should never have to pressure you to do it. Any dude who goes out of his way to ask is bad news, because if he had the balls to ask you, he’s probably had the balls to ask a zillion other girls.

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