Guys Admit They’ll Cuddle With a Girl They Don’t Have Feelings For

In case you didn’t realize it by now, most men are psychopaths.

Most men also love to cuddle. In fact, studies prove it.

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While I would never, ever willingly cuddle with anyone unless I was head over heels in love with them, dudes are totally DTC, or down to cuddle, with any piece of booty that falls into their bed.

Cute… but like, also no, because that is so confusing.

A Reddit user, Confusedaf55, seems to have made an account just to ask dudes if her booty call wanting to cuddle means he likes her as more than a booty call. The general consensus was “not necessarily.”

“I enjoy cuddling after sex, especially because I’ve generally spent enough of my energy while f*cking that seeing a girl to the door or leaving myself immediately after orgasm isn’t very appealing if I don’t absolutely have to do so,” says Reddit user Coldzor.

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Cool. So a guy cuddling with you doesn’t mean he likes you, it means he’s too lazy and out of shape to show you to the door after a boning session.

Another dude says that for him, wanting to cuddle a girl is essentially the same as wanting to bang a girl.

“I love cuddling, so yes, I will cuddle booty calls,” said Reddit user RooftopBBQ. “And it doesn’t mean anything romantic, no. It does mean I enjoy their company, but I wouldn’t sleep with them if that wasn’t the case.”

There were users that said they didn’t like to cuddle partners after doing the dirty, but just as many dudes said cuddling was simply the “finishing course” to a hook-up, if you will.

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“It’s part of sex in my opinion,” says Reddit user the_river_nihil. “Before I f*ck, I like to kiss, and give each other hand jobs and head, then there’s f*cking, then there’s more kissing and some good cuddling time. The actions themselves don’t create meaning. If it’s casual sex then the kissing and cuddling don’t mean anything other than it feels really good, same as the f*cking.”

And guys wonder why girls go crazy wondering if their booty call likes them or not. Maybe it’s mixed signals like these.

But that’s why I’m here, to de-confuse you. Don’t think your booty call if trying to wife just because he cuddles you. And if you’re worried that cuddling with him is going to make you fall for him, then skip out on the cuddling altogether. You don’t owe him a spooning sesh just because he gave you some bomb D. Get your g-string and GTFO.

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