10 Guys Tell Us The Moment They Knew They Were Catching Feelings

Most boys don’t like being emotional (at least not in public). If you’re playing the whole “I’m not admitting I have feelings until he does” game with a dude, you’re probably going to be waiting a while.

Wouldn’t you like to know what changes a guy from “playing around” to “tying someone down?” We wondered too. We asked 13 dudes when they knew they were catching feelings for someone. Some (unsurprisingly) have to do with blow jobs, but some are surprisingly sweet.

Don’t worry guys, love isn’t dead quite yet!

1. Wonder Woman

“I woke up at around 9am after a night out and a few rounds of sex at her place. She had already worked out in the morning, had a business meeting, and was cooking breakfast for me. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

2. Can I Slytherin?

“I had been talking to this girl for a while. She was really hot and fun, but kind of a bitch (I thought). When we finally had sex, she asked to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets after and I realized she was just as much of a goofy weirdo as me.”

3. Because Boys Love Cuddling

“When I let her sleep over every night for a week.”

4. Voice of an Angel

“When I started singing in the shower when I thought about her.”

5. Sparks Flying

“After we had spent an entire day together on our third date, and our eyes just held an extended gaze between us. Amazing feeling.”

6. Been There

“I knew when I actually started having emotions. Sort of kidding, but I usually know it when I’m starting to think about how I can hang out with this person again.”

7. Better Claim It For Yourself Then!

“The second I get jealous when I think of them with someone else.”

8. Are Your Legs Tired?

“When I started thinking about them too often and smiling while thinking about them.”

9. Love In This Bud

“When she rolled my blunt for me.”

10. Ditch Your Roster

“When you randomly end up talking to them about a lot of stuff and you’re like, ‘Why am I fucking with these other girls who I don’t want to talk to?'”

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