How You Know You’re Catching Feelings

We’ve all been there. That dreaded moment when you realize that you actually care about a guy for more than his six-pack and abnormally large penis. Maybe he forgot to hit you up after the bar one night, maybe you saw him with another chick, but regardless, you’re feeling some type of way. That’s the thing with catching feels these days. It’s hard to tell it’s happening, but when it does, you’re royally screwed. Half the time, it takes the guy doing some bullsh*t to us for us to realize that we actually have feelings for him.

There are really two types of girls, anyways. Some girls are always falling for guys, and maybe it’s no big deal. Then there are the girls who avoid feelings like the plague. When they do finally like a guy, they deny it till the death (until they’re 1000% sure that he feels the same way, obviously).

Whether you’re searching for a future husband or just trying to pass Chemistry with your obnoxiously hot tutor, every girl has the same gut reaction when she realizes she’s falling for a guy:

1. Where’s the gun?

Our generation isn’t the lovey-dovey emotional bunch that our grandparents were. The only person willingly baking a cake out of rainbows and smiles is that one chick from Mean Girls who “doesn’t even go here.” When a girl catches feelings, it’s kind of like that scene in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas where his heart starts growing and he’s unsure whether to embrace the emotions or go hide in his cave until his hard turns to ice again. Our initial reaction is to come up with ways to shoot these feelings down. After all, most of us girls have been hurt before, and although having a crush is fun…we all know that happy endings are few and far between.

2. But…Why?

If (and that’s a big if) a girl actually accepts that she’s starting to fall for someone, she’s still internally battling with it. In her head, she’s trying to figure out what on earth this guy has that all the other ones didn’t. She’s also probably trying to talk herself down from falling head over heels, which means she’s mentally making a list of all his bad qualities rather than his good. Sure, maybe he’s got the body of Hercules and the kindness of Prince Charming…but the way he hides his emotions makes him a Shrek type all the way…right?

3. Does He Feel The Same Way?

The only thing worse than accepting that you’ve fallen for a dude is torturing yourself wondering if he feels the same about you. You never want to be that girl who asks “what are we?” But if you don’t, who knows if you’ll ever find out? Guys aren’t exactly the type to doodle your name on their notebook or spend hours on the phone gushing about you to your friends…I mean, he did send you five heart emojis when he was drunk once? And he said your blowjobs were the best he’s ever had? That’s kind of the 20-something dude equivalent of saying “I like-like you,” right?


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