Is This The Real Reason Why Girls Like to Cuddle Post Coitus?

Guys love to assert their “manliness” by going on and on about how their last slam piece wouldn’t stop cuddling them after a bang, whereas they just wanted to call her an uber and never see her again. They don’t show cuddling in porn, so it must not be cool enough…right? I mean, guys seem to have learned every other move from whatever they’re watching on pornhub, so I guess they just missed the cuddling memo?

Then again, guys love to use cuddling as an excuse to get a girl to come over. If a guy is trying to get you to go home with him after closing time and you refuse, he’s sure to say something like “don’t worry, we don’t have to do anything, I just want to cuddle.”

Yeah, right, last time I checked; “cuddling” wasn’t a night full of you trying to wedge your peen in between my ass cheeks and nibbling my ear while the sun comes up. I can guarantee that if you don’t do anything but cuddle with the guy who “just wants to cuddle,” he’s going to be pissed.

Personally, I haven’t found this whole “girls love cuddling” thing to be true. I know a lot of guys who seem to enjoy cuddling (or at least pretend to in attempts to get laid). On the contrary, I certainly don’t want to cuddle with a guy who I’m not interested in f*cking.

Regardless of whether having a vagina makes you more inclined to want to spoon post orgasm, I read something from Louis C.K. that made me wonder about post-sex feelings:

“The man just wants to lay there, be cool, and the woman wants to cuddle, something that men love to make fun of women for: ‘They always wanna cuddle, they’re so needy. I already f*cked you, just let me watch the game.’

She’s not needy, you idiot. She’s HORNY, because you did NOTHING for her. You did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.”

Men may not find this statement quite as funny, but if you’re reading this and you’re laughing, I can guarantee that’s because you’ve been there before. When a guy cums super fast, we’re not upset about it really, we’re just hoping he’ll be ready for round two in a couple minutes (and if we’re lucky, he’ll make his way down on us until he’s re-charged the batteries).

Ever realized that you don’t always want to cuddle after sex? You have to be in the right “mood” per se? Maybe it’s not that you’re trying to hold on to this dude, maybe it’s that you want some more (no, not of him, of his dick).

Personally, I think the next time a guy tries to complain about his booty call that loves to cuddle, you show him this piece…but what do I know?

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