You’ll Never Guess Which Gender Sleeps Better While Cuddling

In 2011, Drake admitted that he “hates sleeping alone,” but lots of other dudes will insist that they can’t fall asleep with a chick in their bed.

While the majority of us hook-up savvy women know that any guy who claims he “can’t sleep with others” is simply trying to get rid of a one-night stand, a new study may counteract your local fuckboy’s favorite white lie to get rid of girls who he hits and quits.

The study, done by the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Journal, studied 15 couples and found that men slept substantially better and longer when they shared the bed with a cuddle buddy.

And women are chill either way: our sleep patterns aren’t affected by sleeping with a partner, the study found.

The 15 couples chosen were all heterosexual couples who didn’t live together. Researchers asked the couples to keep a sleep journal and wear activity-monitoring bracelets for five consecutive nights. Over the five nights, couples were asked to sleep together, alone, and in both of each other’s beds, altogether totaling in four unique possible setups.

Although the researchers initially expected results showing differences in quality of sleep based on location, researchers only found differences based on if couples slept together or alone. Both male and female subjects reported sleeping better together, but the data from the activity monitors and journals said otherwise. While women slept the same with or without their partners, men slept longer and later when laying beside their girlfriends.

These findings were surprising to the researchers, and likely you as well. After all, aren’t women supposed to be the ones who always want to cuddle? Researchers hypothesize that these findings may have to do with the fact that men are much more likely to snore and disturb their girlfriend’s sleep patterns, and that women are generally lighter sleepers. But we think it’s just that men are secretly softies and just can’t come to terms with their love for snuggling.

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