Turns Out a Lot of Guys Secretly Miss Their Exes

Katy Perry is not the only person with a “one that got away.” In fact, as we’ve highlighted before, guys seem to have “the one that got away” even more than girls do.

But, do they ever get over those exes? Or are they always hoping for a second chance?

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Reddit user mariodejaniero asked the other guys of Reddit, “Right here, right now, what would you say to the one that got away?

Some guys were predictably cocky, like Reddit user NunesForPrison who said, “Your loss, ya stupid fuck.”

Other guys were still hurting.

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“[I would say] the same thing I said before to her after she left in 2010,” said Reddit user metal_fan. “I’m sorry. I could have been a better person.”

Reddit user julianwolf said, “I wish it had been mutual.”

And, for the real heart-tugger.

“I didn’t deserve you and I see that now,” said Reddit user 4outof10atbest. “But if I could go back I would’ve done everything differently in a heartbeat. She was everything to me.”

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What is it about guys admitting that they’re wrong and that they fucked up that makes us sad and horny at the same time? Well, we found one even sadder that reeks of maturity, which is a rare beast to see in men — especially men on Reddit.

“[I] wouldn’t say shit,” said Reddit user ReadySteddy100. “I’d turn around and walk away because she’s truly happy now and I am happy for her.”

One special guy even got the mythical beast we know as “closure.”

“I’m not going to lie, I had a long ass letter of extreme hatred I wanted to read just to her,” said Reddit user sourceofnightmares. “I did run into her, we had a small talk, then went about our ways. That was when I realized the hatred was gone.”

Hey, a happy ending is always nice. Speaking of happy endings, lots of Reddit bros naturally wanted to ask their ex for one last sex sesh.

“Let me hit one last time,” said Reddit user Leaccountla123.

Alright, I’m sure with that convincing argument, she’ll be down.

And the ever classy Reddit user wontfixnow would love to ask his ex, “Aaaay want sum fuck?”


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