6 Guys Open Up About The ‘One Who Got Away’

It’s hard to get a guy to open up.

Because of dudes’ tendencies to clam up when it comes to emotions, it’s always pretty amazing (and sweet) to see them actually be candid about heartbreak. We got six guys to open up about the “one that got away,” and it’ll give you hope for the male species, or at least some of them.

1. We Found Love In a Hopeless Place

“I knew this girl who was a mutual friend through my fraternity. We would talk sometimes and we got along pretty well. There were times when we hooked up either at the bar or at parties at my fraternity, she had also been to my house for some parties. Long story short: I never pulled the trigger in asking her out. I never was really looking for anything too serious and I don’t think she was either, but I never asked and who knows, something could have came out of it. She is gorgeous and I still think about it sometimes. I kinda thought she was out of my league. By the time I probably would have asked her out, I graduated and we didn’t really get to keep in touch. We don’t live in the same city anymore, so it probably would never have worked. Unfortunately, it is what it is.”

2. Who Says Boys Are The Players?

“She had a boyfriend who was away for the summer, and we got to know each other better than I had gotten to know anyone else. We started hooking up and I told her secrets about my life that even my best friends don’t know. She confided that she was going to break up with her boyfriend [in the fall]. Her boyfriend almost immediately found out when he got back on campus and she blocked me on all forms of social media without a real explanation. She led me on and I fell for her hard, only to be cut out for an unknown reason. She was the only person out of the large group of women I have been with that I think I actually loved. I don’t know how she and her boyfriend are still together, but they are.”

3. *Tear Emoji*

“We fell in love one month before she left for college on the other side of the country. Five years later, I still know I’ll never be over her.”

4. Fate

“We went to the same high school in another country, she was 3 years younger. We barely knew each other. We both moved to the states around the same time, me in Philly, her in NY. I went to NY to take her out on a date. Best date ever. At the end, we both were sad because she was about to go to college somewhere pretty far away. We stayed friends. She went to college, started dating someone else. We still talk on the phone for a couple of hours each week. She had an internship in a close-by city. I went to visit her, and we spent the weekend together. Nothing happened, but there were many moments when there could have been something. She’s still dating the other guy, who is a great guy by the way. We still keep in touch, randomly message each-other saying ‘miss you.’ Fucks me up every time I think about it.”

5. Falling In Love (Literally)

“I met her in Canada, on a school trip. I caught her when she slipped on the ice and it was game over. She is absolutely beautiful, but I never had the balls to even ask to hangout with her. Plus, she had a boyfriend. I miss her for sure, I think we would have been the best of friends!”

6. When The Fuckboy Realizes His Mistake

“There was a girl that I was friends with in high school that I ended up having a one night stand with. I didn’t realize until years after that she was the closest thing to ‘the one’ that I was ever going to meet. I should’ve gone for more than one night. She was unlike any girl I’d ever met. She was confident, well spoken, had legs that were a mile long, brown eyes that I could look into and see the universe. All the stuff that made her indisputably attractive as far as a young me was concerned.

A lot of girls at our age were into Ugg boots and gossip and she only cared about high fashion, philosophical discussions, and music. We never had a ‘I like you’ sorta conversation because once we started hanging out all the time it became clear and we both agreed that talking about romance was corny. She was a mystery to me. We would go from fancy dinners to us hanging out next to a lake in the middle of the woods. She seemed like the sort of girl that would hate the outdoors, but insisted we explore it together. We’d talk about how much we hated ‘the system,’ about how we both planned on taking over the world one day. It’s not necessarily that we had everything in common, but I remember wanting to learn everything about her.

We both loved rock n’ roll and the night sky — one night with a combination those two things and a bottle of rum led to some of the best sex I ever had. We woke up cuddling on the grass in a scene that anyone in their right mind would consider a mess. I had never had sex with a girl who liked being on top as much as she did. I woke up covered in scratches and she had the smirk of a conqueror on her face. Her hair was messy for the first time since I’d met her, her makeup had become more abstract than people usually go for and she was putting on her unquestionably fashionable grass stained clothes, but she looked like a goddess.

Our actions forced us into having a conversation about ‘us’ soon after. She seemed neutral on the subject, but she always played things off cool. I had recently gotten out of a relationship, which was a decision she influenced, and was stupid enough to tell her that I wanted to play the field or something for a while. I didn’t want to be tied down. She always boasted that she didn’t like the concept of being tied down, so she agreed. She went away for the summer and was texting me about her travels. She asked me if I had met any girls and since I didn’t want to lie I said yes. I remember even giving her the name of a girl I was getting with because I was a young man and also an idiot. She replied by telling me about a guy she met, wherever she was, and I didn’t realize until long after that she was jealous. When she got back, she told me that she was moving to another state and was acting different in every way. She moved away and we essentially never spoke again. I remember at the time I thought ‘girls are so weird.’ In hindsight, she obviously liked me, let me in, and I responded by being a fuckboy. There have been other girls that left my life since her, and I’m sure there will be more before I die, but I hope they don’t haunt me like she does.”

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