You’ve Been Wearing Uggs Wrong Your Whole Life

Uggs are in the midst of a major comeback, spearheaded by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kendall and Kylie, and the fact that, sorry, they are just really comfy.

But did you know that there’s a golden Ugg rule we’ve probably all been breaking?

Yes, according to Ms. Huntington-Whiteley herself, you’re not supposed to wear socks with your Uggs. I’m sorry, WHAT?!

Rosie did an interview with British Vogue where she talked about her new gig as the face of Uggs. Vogue asked her to provide a “nugget of Ugg wisdom,” and here’s what she said:

“No one puts on socks with Uggs. No one does. Who puts on socks — what would be the point?”

GASP. When I was just a tiny basic bitch wearing Uggs with my Abercrombie miniskirt day in and day out, I always wore socks with them. I knew the socks weren’t mandatory, but I guess I was just paranoid that my Uggs would start to smell or something? Who knows. I was also wearing Hollister about six days a week, so clearly my decision-making skills weren’t quite top notch.

Anyway, this time around, when I purchase a new pair next fall to go with my nostalgic Juicy tracksuit, I won’t make the same mistake again and neither will you, dear reader. Thanks, Rosie. Can I be you now?

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