Uggs Might Be Back, So Figure Out How You Feel About That

With the SS 2016 runway shows, fashion journalists everywhere excitedly exclaimed, “The 2000’s are back!” We’re not mad that low-rise jeans, slinky halters, and butterfly clips could soon be coming to a fashionable wardrobe near you. But there’s one trend, so unflattering, so fugly if you will, that we were glad to say RIP after 2009, and we never thought they would once again become a staple in the collections of the most coveted designers and in the closets of trendsetters. However, that’s exactly what has happened. Dig those old suede boots out of the closet (if they’re not moth-eaten and stained with road salt). Get used to the idea that they’re not just for walking the dog during the snowy months. Because Kendall Jenner, Lena Dunham, and Gigi Hadid have declared that Uggs…are back (cue the screams).

Photos Via Grazia

So, how does one wear this most hideous trend? Skip the Dunham-style floral dress unless you’re confused as to which season we’re in. Instead, black leggings, a clean sweater and trendy coat are the perfect backdrop for an Ugg-central outfit. Try out the Classic Short style in Chestnut, which, if you wore Uggs in middle school, are probably already under your bed or in your parents attic somewhere. Oh, and don’t forget the sunglasses and hat: you’ll want to hide your identity as much as possible.

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