New Study Shows Dudes Who Send D*ck Pics Are Clingy AF

When you list the qualities of a fuckboy, asking for/sending nudes probably comes up eventually. I mean, what fuckboy doesn’t love his dick and want to show it via Snapchat to as many chicks as possible?

But, it turns out that dudes who send nudes might not be the aggressive alpha males they think they’re portraying themselves as. Instead, they may actually be super clingy and insecure, according to a new study published in The Journal of Sex Research.

The study focused on the relationship between people who sext and their relational anxiety, more specifically whether they had attachment anxiety or attachment avoidance.

You’d probably assume that guys who send dick pics are emotionally unavailable douchebags who “don’t believe in labels,” but this study shows that the opposite may be true.

“People who really care about the way that their partners are thinking of them, who really want their partners to think of them in a positive way, might be more inclined to be sexting,” explained Michelle Drouin, one of the researchers behind the study, to Broadly.

Basically, no matter how chill a dude tries to be, he’s probably taking 30 different angled pictures of his dick to make it look good and seriously worrying about if it’s going to impress you or not.

Does it mean that he’s in love with you? Not necessarily, but it could mean that he really cares what you think about him according to the study. In fact, this is kind of hilarious because even though a guy sends a dick pic to seem “casual” and strictly sexual, it may say a whole lot more and kind of blow his whole “chill guy” cover.

Keep in mind that this study was relatively small, and only surveyed 459 heterosexual university students between the ages of 18 and 25, 131 of whom were male. So even though it’s findings are new and exciting, it’s going to take a bit more to determine if it’s completely accurate.

In the meantime, this basically gives you another reason to laugh at the dudes who send you unwanted dick pics. Or, maybe, just maybe gives you a reason to give the dick-pic sending fuckboy a chance? The ball is in your court, babe. Pun intended.

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