7 F*ckboys Share Their Shameless Snapchat Confessions

It’s no secret that Snapchat is a fuckboy’s favorite form of social media. His messages disappear, he can easily hit up multiple girls at once, and he has to put in minimum effort. Since most of us are either dealing with or dodging fuckboys on the daily, we constantly have questions about what these unique specimens of man are really doing on Snapchat.

For example, how many girls are they really mass snapping? Is there a reason he’s only Snapchatting you and never texting? And why is he sending you dick pics?

We asked some local fuckboys and Galore readers about their Snapchat flirtations, and we got down to the juicy shit.

You’ll probably be appalled after reading this, but let’s be real. When you send nudes you know that the dude is probably showing at least his closest “bros.” Sometimes you just wanna show off your body post pole-dancing class, and that’s cool, just remember that guys are dogs and want to gloat to as many of their friends as possible.

As for the dudes that take pictures of girls passed out in their beds? That’s another level of fucked up and probably some sort of sex crime, tbh. Not sure how to protect yourself against this one besides not having one night stands with fuckboys, which seems difficult. Perhaps you could “accidentally” sleep with his phone under your pillow?

1. Say My Name, Say My Name

“The only way a girl can really know if the Snapchat I send is personal is if [her] name is on it, that’s the only way. Because even if it’s sexual and stuff, I could be messing with more than one girl at a time and send it to them [too].”

2. Cougars R Classy

“When I was 17 I fucked a 23-year-old in the shower and took a Snapchat of me and her in the shower after because I had a LifeProof case and I wanted to show my friends. She posed for the picture and covered up a little bit.”

3. Got It

“I’ll send a pic with my face in it and the girl laying down [in the morning] to send to all my boys, we all do that. I’ll usually send dick pics if I’ve been hooking up with a girl for a while, unless they seem like they’re not into that. You know the girls who want it but act like they’re not allowed to like sex? I won’t send dick pics to them.”

4. New Haircut FTW

“I generally don’t mass snap everyone, it’s usually fairly calculated. In the sense that, I might mass snap my friends, but often the first people I select are either former hook-up buddies or exes, girls i’m somewhat interested in, or girls that I would potentially be interested in. I usually just send cool things that I’m doing, views of places I’m at, or my new haircut.”

5. Wonder if LifeProof Knows Of Their Popularity?

“Now that I’m out of college and living back in my hometown, every once in a while some girl from high school will randomly add me on Snapchat, which I assume means that they want the dick [editor’s note: ew, no, they do not]. I’ll send a Snapchat next time I’m in the shower and say, ‘always bringing my phone in the shower,’ or some shit. 10 times out of 10 I’ll get a snap back of the girl who has clearly dropped whatever she was doing just to get in the shower and take a picture of her tits in the shower. It’s a cheat code for me, but it’s also pretty subtle and gives girls an excuse to do what I know they wanted to do anyways. I haven’t send a dick pic since early high school though, just shirtless.”

6. Goal

“I play soccer so I’m constantly rocking a farmer’s tan. I’ll ‘complain’ about my farmer’s tan to girls via Snapchat and it usually results in them showing me their tan lines, more often than not in inappropriate areas [editor’s note: I’m sooo sure that’s what “usually” happens…]. I have to time it right, like if they’re blowing me up. It’s a process sometimes. I’m probably 15 for 18 in my career, not including repeat offenders.”

7. This Seems Too Complicated

“I’ve gotten some pretty random nudes before. I mean sometimes I ask and get a good response but I rarely ask unless I’m really comfortable with the girl. I wouldn’t be a guy if I didn’t [send mass snapchats to girls] [editor’s note: debatable]. When I’m feeling myself I’ll send a shirtless pic to my story, but I’ll block it from girls that are strictly friends or friends of friends. By sending it to my story it makes it less weird than if I were randomly to send a shirtless pic to a girl I’d never talked to, it seems more carefree.”


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