Study Says Sending Nudes Is The Key To A Happy Relationship

If you’ve never been asked for a sexy pic via text message by a fuck boy, a boyfriend, or a Tinder match, you either don’t have a cell phone bill or have somehow only been communicating with celibate men.

A Drexel University study, done by Emily Stasko and Pamela Geller, re-analyzed sexting in our society as a positive aspect rather than a negative aspect. In their research, they surveyed 870 Americans between the ages of 18-82 to find that 88% of them have sexted at least once, and 82% have sexted within the last year. While 75% of the respondents sexted in committed relationships, 43% of respondents admitted to sexting in a more casual relationship.

Whether you’re surprised at the amount of sexters, or you disapprove of the amount of sexters in non-committed relationships; the survey results rang clear. It turns out that avid sexters were overall happier in their relationships and more sexually satisfied.

Those who sexted within committed relationships reported being more sexually satisfied, whereas those who sexted in casual relationships reported being happier in their relationships. We’re not completely surprised at these results. I mean, we all know that a couple is generally happier when they’re getting a little freaky. We also know that boys in casual relationships are always happy when they’re receiving nudes, and we assume that females might like showing off their body every once in a while. The survey results also found that when comparing gender roles, males were overall happier with sexting than females (no surprise there).

In terms of the average attitude towards sexting, survey participants generally saw sexting as a “fun and carefree” activity. While most participants expected it in their relationship, they were somewhat discouraged due to the negative stigma associated with the risks involved. Additionally, the more serious a relationship was, the less effect that sexting had on happiness in the relationship. We have a feeling that this is because instead of sexting, the couple is actually getting naked in person.

You shouldn’t start sending titty pics to every potential bae you meet at happy hour, but if you feel like sending a sexy pic to your new fling, why the hell not? We now have “scientific” evidence that sexting is the norm.

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