There’s Now Scientific Proof that Guys Send Too Many Dick Pics

There are two kinds of guys: those who send “surprise” nudes and those who don’t.

In a relationship, surprise sexts can be key, and have even been shown to improve a relationship. However, for someone who’s not in a relationship, unexpected nudes can be a sign of cockiness, insecurity, or simply someone without any knowledge of social norms.

More often than not, it seems that the unsuspecting receiver of an unwanted nude is a chick receiving a dick pic. Who exactly is sending these dick pics and why do these men think it is a good idea? Is it really always men who send unprecedented pictures of balls? Or are women just as guilty of sending post-shower selfies to unsuspecting Tinder matches?

Sorry boys, but the rumors are true. In a survey done by SKYN condoms, it was found that 49% of millennial males have sent naked pictures, and 23% do so once a week or more frequently.

This only slightly trumps women, of whom 43% have sent naked pictures, and only 13% do so once a week or more frequently.

This survey didn’t go into further detail surrounding sexting habits, like whether the frequent sexters are in relationships or simply avid users of dating apps. However, it does show us that we’re not imagining things, dudes really do love showing off their goods.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with flaunting what you’ve got, maybe guys should realize that their random one night stand from last night would enjoy her weekend much more without seeing his freshly shaved balls. Will the day will ever come where men realize that their dick pics aren’t always appreciated? We’re not sure, but at least you now know the facts.

Image via NPR

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