Expert: Guys Send Unwanted Dick Pics As a ‘Power Thing’

We’ve done a lot of pondering on the topic of unwanted dick pics here at Galore, but we still haven’t nailed down the exact reasons why guys still insist on sending them.

But now, a report from Mic offers a tentative explanation: guys who send dick pics either don’t understand that girls don’t like them or they’re doing it as a power thing. Sweet!

New York City sex therapist Dr. Stephen Snyder offered two reasons why men might send dick pics. The first one is a little more sympathetic: men “tend to be ignorant of the difference between male and female sexual response,” he said. “Straight men know how turned on they get by seeing their female partner’s intimate anatomy, and they make the mistake of thinking that women are wired the same way.”

Awww, boys are so dumb sometimes.

The second option, though, is much more sinister. Dr. Snyder has noticed a tendency of dick-pic-senders toward “sadomasochistic acting-out,” which Mic defines as, “the same urge that might drive a man to, say, want to cause his sexual partner unwelcome pain, because he enjoys the rush.”

“Similar to men who know their wives hate having their nipples sucked hard, but they keep doing it anyway, [men who send unsolicited dick pics are] often basically hostile,” Snyder told Mic. “This seems to be a power thing for many men.”


So basically, if your next Tinder match takes it upon himself to show you a snap of his trouser snake without you asking for it, he’s either woefully unequipped to understand women, or kind of a sociopath. Either way, keep swiping!


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