Open Letter To Guys Who Send Unwanted Dick Pics

First off, let me start by saying welcome to 2014. Your penis is no longer the ticket to world domination. Sorry if you live under a rock and I am somehow the first one to tell you this, but your dick; while very useful in certain situations (like me achieving orgasm) is not something that we women worship, especially on its own.


This is why I can’t seem to understand why I still occasionally received unprecedented dick pics.

Sure, sexting is a wonderful thing, I am a complete advocate of it, especially when you’re dating someone who travels frequently or lives far away.

The difference between males and females is that if a guy randomly receives a titty pic from a girl that he’s seeing, he’s psyched. However, if I receive a dick pic from a guy I’ve been dating out of the blue, I am a little taken aback. Like, shirtless pic? Maybe… depending on how great your body is. But contrary to popular belief, a dick by itself isn’t that attractive to me, unless I’m practically in love (or really strong lust) with the guy that it belongs to.


It’s not even necessarily my level of desire for penis that fuels this non-desire for dick pics. The majority of guys I know that are willing to send dick pics BEFORE sleeping with a girl are not someone I want to be with. They’re generally either super cocky, super desperate, or just super socially awkward. The other day I was texted a smoking hot, super successful guy that I connected with through a dating app. He eventually asked me when he could buy me dinner, and I asked when he was thinking. His response? A pic of his dick with the message “you tell me.”

Like, really? That clearly didn’t warrant a response. Not to mention that his uncircumcised dick was somewhat lopsided and not the type of cock I’m going to want a close-up iPhone 6 picture of.

Bottom line for all dudes out there: if she asks for a dick pic, or even a sexy pic in general, feel free. If she doesn’t? Save the d-elfies (dick selfies) for someone who cares (aka probably no one).


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