Girls Find These 5 Accents Hotter Than All Others

Generally, a hot guy quickly ruins his hotness by opening up his mouth, but there is one exception to this rule: if he has an accent.

But not all accents are created equal. Some are difficult to understand and make flirting super clunky, and some are more reminiscent of Mike Myers’ portrayal of Shrek than Prince Charming.

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MissTravel, a semi-dating site built specifically for people looking for travel buddies, surveyed their American members to see which accents made them get hot in the pants.

Here are the accents that American women go crazy for:

1. British

Surprise, surprise. British dudes speak English as their first language, which makes everything easier, but still slightly exotic. Not to mention there are loads of hot young lads from Britain, I mean, just think of Harry Styles before he went all religious. Just don’t get offended if he says the word, “fag,” he’s talking about a cigarette!

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2. Scottish

If you are surprised about this one, you’re not alone. Remember how I alluded to an accent that sounds like Shrek in the intro? That’s all I hear when I listen to a bro with a Scottish accent. But then again, I guess some girls are into that? He did have a whole swamp and all.

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3. Spanish

Your four years of high school Spanish may have all gone to shit, but you can still say “quitate la ropa,” right? Besides, once you learn how to woo a Spanish-speaking guy, you basically have continents of grade-A dudes to choose from.

4. Australian

If you’ve never wanted to go down under on an Aussie man, you’re just lying to yourself.

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5. Southern

Once you ignore the fact that a dude with a Southern accent probably voted Trump and also potentially has a confederate flag tattoo, you can maybe get used to the fact that he keeps calling you “miss.”

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