8 Times Someone’s Worst Breakup Led To Their Best Relationship

Sometimes a bad breakup can really be a blessing in disguise. Sure, there may have been lots of tears, drunk texts, and binge eatings of Taco Bell, but with every breakup comes a lesson to be learned. If you’re lucky like these girls were, you quickly realize that your bad breakup led you to something even better, whether it was a healthier relationship or simply some really good dick.

1. People Really Do Find Love On Tinder!

“I dated a guy freshman year of college and everything was perfect until he became controlling and emotionally abusive. He didn’t even trust me flying back home for family. After breaking up and getting back together multiple times, I realized how badly it was affecting my happiness. This led to depression and me pushing friends away, so I finally ended it, moved back home, and transferred schools like I had always wanted to.

“After being home for a month, I ended up meeting my current boyfriend from Tinder. He had gone to my high school, but he graduated my freshman year so I never really knew him. From the first meet up we clicked perfectly. He not only made me feel like me again, but made me love myself again. He is the best boyfriend I have ever had and he is truly my best friend too.”

2. Who Needs A BF When You Got Hoes?

“I was in a really mentally abusive relationship for six years. He was psycho, but I still thought I loved him and when we broke up I had to adjust from talking to someone every second of every day to not at all, which was hard — especially with him threatening to kill himself, etc. When I met someone new, he taught me what a normal relationship and real love was like and he became my absolute best friend. He was the opposite of my ex, he wasn’t controlling and let me do whatever I wanted. It was the best relationship I’ve ever had and I was genuinely happy. Even after two years I still felt that ‘beginning’ feeling with him.

“When we broke up, I was sooo heartbroken I thought I was gonna die. But now I’m fine and I’ve hooked up with pro-athletes, Instagram models, and rich daddies, so it worked out lmao. But on a serious note, I literally thought it would NEVER get better and that I was gonna be depressed the rest of my life and never get over him, but I did and everyone goes through the same shit and better things always come along after…..”

3. Friends Are Forever, Boys Are Whatever

“Although I had a bad breakup with a boy in a frat, I’ve gotten some of the best friends I could have ever asked for in his fraternity that are always there for me still, almost a year later. I don’t regret dating him because of all the great friendships that came out of it.”

4. When Cute Boys Randomly Show Up Out Of Nowhere

“My boyfriend of two years dumped me two weeks before Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, I was still secretly hoping my ex would want to get back together. A cute boy started texting and sSnapchatting me, and since I was needy for attention, I went with it. That cute boy texted me every day since and then took me to prom. We’ve been dating for over a year now.”

5. Emotionally Unavailable Dudes Suck

“I met a guy who was amazing freshman year of college, but he was super damaged. The more time we spent together, the more I realized how scared he was of relationships and feelings. He could never communicate openly with me. He literally once said, ‘I really like you, but I don’t want to because I know something bad will happen if we date.’ I put up with this for about nine months, thinking I could change him, until we started getting into horrible fights that eventually led to a messy break-up. He was the first guy to really break my heart, and I literally didn’t get over it for two years.

“After being single for a long ass time, I met a guy who was so different than my ex, the main way being that he was super upfront about everything and was open about his emotions. It’s amazingly refreshing to be with a guy that knows what he wants and knows how to get it. He’s the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and I see a long future ahead of us.”

6. If You Have To Force It…

“I dated a girl for three months who hated drugs and drinking. I’m not a druggy, but I go to a lot of music festivals. While at Ultra, I saw this girl dancing next to me and I don’t know why but I said, ‘Wow, you are gorgeous.’ We started dancing and we ended up hooking up casually for the rest of the weekend. On my last night, I told her that I had a girlfriend. I realized I’d been forcing myself to like my girlfriend because I was lonely.

“Two days after I got home I broke up with my girlfriend and told myself I would stop forcing relationships with people. It was a hard break-up because I felt so horrible and conflicted about the whole thing, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Now I’m with the love of my life and she loves music festivals just like I do. We’re going to a camping festival in October and I couldn’t be happier.”

7. Sweet, Sweet Revenge

“The first girl I ever had a serious relationship with with broke up with me after a year out of nowhere. I was so distraught in the moment that I stole my Dad’s truck (I was 16 at the time) to drive to her house at midnight and try and talk it over. I was a wreck for a few weeks, and when I finally decided to try dating again, my ex tried to come back into my life. I was doing my best to avoid her, and I decided to take another girl out to the movies.

“Coincidentally, my ex and her friends were sitting in the back of the movie theatre when I got there. My ex even went out of her way to wave and make a show of it. Needless to say, I was embarrassed as hell, and figured my date would’ve just run away. Instead, [the new girl] got more annoyed with it than I did, tells me we should sit a few rows in front of them, and proceeds to start making out with me before the title screen on the movie and then again in front of my ex’s car as her mom picked her up from the theatre. I went on to date that girl for over three years, easily my best relationship and still the best-worst first date I’ve ever had.”

8. Lovers And Friends

“My worst break up wasn’t necessarily my worst relationship. There was no large eruption, no hate, no resentment or any of that. It ended simply because of distance. It was my worst break up because it was the first person that I ever truly loved. The hurt was very real. It was physical. It made me sick. I could feel it in my chest and throat. It was very hard for me to get over.

“It just so happened that one of my best friends was going through his worst break up from a very bad relationship at the exact same time. We basically helped each other heal… as friends first, and then we fell in love with each other. It wasn’t easy at first, but we fell in love as friends and neither of us wanted to lose that. We’ve been together for two years now and I’ve never been happier. He’s my best friend who also happens to be my lover as well. He saw me at my worst, sat in the shit with me and helped me get out of it, so he’s earned the right to have me at my best.”

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