7 Types Of Prom Dates You’ll Probably End Up With

It doesn’t matter where you fall on the popularity spectrum – queen bees and social pariahs alike get the feeling of impending doom when thinking about who will ask them to prom. Well, it’s time for prom, and that means it’s time to find yourself a date. Here are the 7 types of prom dates you could end up with.

1. The Asshole

We all know him, and probably love him. And definitely hate ourselves for loving him. Maybe he’s the athlete who forgot that pre-prom pictures would interfere with practice. Or maybe he’s a no-show without an excuse. “The Asshole” is typically attractive, but what’s the point of his good looks if he’s absent on such a momentous, Instagram-worthy occasion.

2. The GBF

He’s your gay best friend. “The GBF” has all of the suburban swagger you could possibly need for a night of fabulosity, and comes polished with a pocket-square.

3. The Steady Boyfriend

He’s that guy who has been dating that girl since what feels like the womb. They are exactly who you picture when “Love Story” comes on Taylor Swift Radio. He’s the predictable choice. He’s “The Steady Boyfriend.”

4. The Last Minute

When all else fails, and the possibility of flying solo becomes a reality, desperate measures may be taken. “The Last Minute” includes “The Dreaded Acquaintance,” “The Family Friend,” and even “The He’s-Kind-Of-My-Third-Cousin-But-Not-Really.” Yikes.

5. The Friend (?)

He’s the one you have a 50-day Snapchat streak with, yet simultaneously struggle to make eye contact with in real life. The only thing you both share in common is that you have no idea where this relationship stands. However, the mystery can feel somewhat thrilling. Prom is the equivalent to a sober wedding, and an enigma like “The Friend (?)” will do wonders to boost your morale.

6. The Underclassman

“The Underclassman” is the golden boy who gives meaning to the cliche, “age is just a number.” Prom is typically for juniors and seniors, but every year a couple of lucky freshmen and sophomores find their way in. This is a rare find, and he deserves a pat on the back. And so do you… for being a #cougar. 

7. The Ex

You broke up with “The Ex” last week. However, promises were made, a dress was selected, and tickets were purchased. Naturally, there’s no turning back now. It’s inevitably going to be an awkward experience, but there’s a chance he could redeem himself. May the odds be ever in your favor. 

Graphics by @naughtybynaturenyc

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