The Best Restaurants For Valentine’s Day In Every City

Whether you’re single or taken, Valentine’s Day dinner can be tricky.

You don’t want to be sitting on top of 40 other couples in a tiny restaurant, but you also don’t want to pay $90 for a portion that’s the size of your bronzer.

There’s always the option of staying in and cooking, but we all know that the diva in you wants an excuse to break out your bright red jumpsuit and Instagram some food porn. Have no fear, because Galore and Gianna Leflar of @Swagfoodphilly have broken down the best cities to get your V-Day dinner (or lunch, or brunch, or whatever).

New York



If this plate of pasta didn’t tempt you enough, just imagine doing some Disney-inspired spaghetti kissing with your date. Romantic, or what?



This restaurant is the perfect cozy and warm atmosphere for you to devour cheesy goodness with your loved one. The dim lighting and authentic atmosphere will have you eyeing your partner up almost as much as you’re going to be eyeing up your meatballs.

Bar Primi:


Bar Primi is the perfect balance between fancy and trendy. Located on the border of Noho and the East Village, you and your date can sip on copious amounts of wine and hit the town afterwards.



If your man takes you to Daniel, he’s a keeper and/or a sugar daddy. Daniel is one of the most elite contemporary French restaurants in NYC, not to mention that it’s owned by celeb chef Daniel Boulud.

The Smith:


Going on a V-Day date with a casual hook-up or new fling? Head to The Smith. The casual American food won’t disturb anyone’s stomach, and the lively atmosphere will never allow for an awkward silence at your table.


Cross Roads Kitchen:


If you’re dating a vegan (and in L.A, you very well may be), take them to Crossroads Kitchen. The small intimate atmosphere, complete with candlelight, is the perfect spot to indulge in some meat-free goodness.

The Nice Guy:


Not only is this Kendall Jenner’s favorite spot, but Gianna agrees that “the food is amazing and the atmosphere is top notch. The dim lighting adds to the atmosphere for you and bae.

Church & State:


Looking for French food in Cali? Saunter over to Church and State for a “rustic french bistro [that] serves classic fresh dishes.”



Unlike its NYC location, the Santa Monica Catch is perfectly overlooking the water, providing a perfect atmosphere for you and your date to get killer Instagram pics.

Nobu Malibu:


Feed your sushi addiction with Nobu’s prime rolls from a famous Iron Chef. Just maybe try to practice your chop-sticks skills prior so you don’t look like a dweeb in front of your date.




What better way to spice up your relationship than with a little Mexican-influenced cuisine? Lolita’s intimate atmosphere and sharing-style menu is the perfect place for your and your long-time boo or your latest Tinder match.



For the best view of Philly accompanied by a banging lobster mac and cheese, head to R2L.



Even if your boyfriend doesn’t have a yacht (yet), you can still have dinner on a yacht if you head to Moshulu. Maybe take some cleverly angled Snapchat selfies and pretend it’s your boyfriend’s yacht?

Little Nonna’s:


Feel like you’ve taken a romantic trip to Italy by going to Little Nonna’s. The “quaint little Italian restaurant feels just like Italy, complete with homemade red wine,” says Gianna.



This modern French cuisine located right by Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square is the perfect balance between romantic and lively. You and bae can sit in a corner and lovingly gaze over your steak frites, but you won’t have to suffer awkward silence either.


Matador Room:


This Latin-infused restaurant at the EDITION hotel in Miami is the perfect hot spot for you to indulge in something spicy with your lover.



This picture says it all, what could be more romantic than delicious appetizers, rosé, and a view of South Beach?

Casa Tua:


This Italian restaurant is located only two blocks from the beach. So after you’re done indulging in some red wine and burrata, you can head down to the shore for a romantic midnight walk with your honey.

Meat Market:

If you love meat, this is definitely the spot for you. Besides, red meat is kind of an aphrodisiac, right?


Iron Gate:


It’s too bad it’s freezing this weekend, because Iron Gate has a beautiful patio and outside seating area. However, even inside, they offer bomb-ass Mediterranean small plates for you to share with your lover.

Mintwood Place:


This warm and cozy spot will have you sitting nice and close to your bae. You should also ditch your gluten-free spring break diet for the night, because their bread is heavenly.

Restaurant Nora:


Restaurant Nora is America’s first certified organic restaurant. If you’re into eating organic, this is absolutely the spot for you. On top of the food, they also have a super quiet atmosphere, perfect for lovingly gazing into your date’s eyes over a plate of free-range chicken.

Bourbon Steak:


This dimly lit restaurant will make you and your boo feel sensual all night long. Even if you’re not into steak, the menu offers plenty of equally appetizing non-meat options.



Going on a date is so much more fun (and so much less awkward), when you get to split tapas and eat together. This Turkish and Greek spot is the perfect place for your newly blossoming relationship, it’s not overly romantic, but definitely a cool atmosphere with delicious food.




Gianna gushes about Grotto. “Amazing food and vibe! Italian fare that will make you giddy and comatose,” she says. “Everything about this place is warm and cozy.”



If you’re interested in eating locally, Bondir is the place for you. “The menu changes daily and features fresh organic produce and meats predominantly sourced within a 45-minute radius of the restaurant,” Gianna says, so you always know what you’re getting.

Hungry I:


They say that Paris is the city of love, so that makes French food the most romantic by default, right? Gianna adds that Hungry I has “cozy traditional French with real charm and character” and that “the food is absolutely delicious.”

Top of the Hub:


Looking for a romantic spot to gaze at the city with your honey? The Top of the Hub is the place for you. You’ll be treated to the best views in Boston while tasting some traditional American fare. “It is definitely a beautiful place with a knock out view.”


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