Borgore Talks Tacos, Ultra, and How To Incorporate Food Into Sex

Borgore has got to be one of our favorite artists in Miami this weekend. Not solely because he’s super sexy, but he’s also so relatable. I mean, what other DJ has a plethora of songs about food? Borgore taught us that it’s okay to sing about ice cream at a rave, and reminded us that “bitches love cake.” With his latest release, “I Love Tacos,” he appeals to us even more. Because fuck, don’t we all love tacos?

If you’re lucky enough to be in Miami right now, check out Borgore’s insane pool party at The National or catch him later that night at Heart Nightclub. If you’re stuck somewhere colder this weekend? Read on to learn Borgore’s taco tips, the secret to licking food of of your partner’s body, and how to get Borgore’s attention at a show.

You’re currently in Vegas and headed to Miami tomorrow, how do you get through traveling so much for work?

The trick is to come on the plane really tired and then you can sleep most of the time. I got Justin [his tour manager] with me, he holds my hands when it’s really hard [laughing].

You released ‘I Love Tacos’ this past Tuesday, Where have you had the best tacos?

In Mexico! In a place that I don’t even know the name, it was a gas station.

They’re so different than American tacos!

California can get pretty close. There’s a place called Cactus that is probably my favorite, it has the best tacos ever. But I’m sure there’s like some places, California is really close to Mexico in terms of tacos.

What’s the proper way to eat a taco?

With lots of habanero salsa.

How can you tell if a girl is a nympho?

Looks can be deceiving, you know? Some ravers will be dressed in just a bra and panties, but low key haven’t had sex. Some girls are looking hella sophisticated, like they won’t talk to me, then you take them home and they’re taking out the whips. You have to have a little conversation, you can’t judge a girl by her looks.

How has your style changed as you’ve progressed as an artist?

I got old [laughing]. I don’t know, the first couple years were more radical. I believe that everything comes and goes in waves. After a couple of years I was going towards mainstream and doing more commercial stuff, now I’m more general public friendly. But yeah, you just have to listen to what’s happening, you can’t just keep with something that’s not working. I was just moving with everyone.

How has Ultra as a festival changed?

Well, when I played it, it sold out two years in a row. The last couple of years they kind of struggled to sell out. I think this is the first year they sold out in like two years. The crowd got really young. I feel like this year they’re doing it right. I’m not playing, but the line up is great. The line-up isn’t just the obvious people. There’s a lot of stuff that is interesting for the people that are digging the tunes and music. It’s going to be interesting to see where Ultra and EDM music in general goes. It’s had better years.

What’s the best thing about Miami girls? 

I think that the best thing is how eclectic they are. It’s a place where everybody comes from everywhere, so you can find lots of different types of people there in general.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever said to you?

Do we want to go dark? Sexual?

Let’s go sexual.

Oh my god, I can just go through my DMs real quick and read a couple. I’m trying to think of something really awkward. Usually it’s pretty straight forward I guess, nothing too awkward.

Just fans asking you to fuck them basically?

[laughing sheepishly]…I mean…yeah. Sometimes it’s singles, sometimes it’s doubles. A little bit of everything. But, I think something that is really crazy for me on a non-sexual level is when people are trying to get my tattoo. I usually suggest that people don’t do it. I’m like, ‘yo, I love you, thank you so much for being a great fan, but I honestly don’t recommend you getting a tattoo of me because A) your kids are going to laugh at you because I’m not going to be relevant in 20, 30 years. B) People change, you know? Right now you like the color black, tomorrow you’re going to like the color purple.

If you could lick any food product off of a chick’s body, what would you choose?

You have to consider a couple of things. You have to consider if it’s going to be sticky, because then it’s going to make you very uncomfortable later. You also have to think about if it’s going to smell, because from personal experience, whipped cream smells…it’s probably the worst smell ever if you leave it out for half an hour. I guess like, something generic like vanilla ice cream. Maybe white chocolate, oh my god– peanut butter! Now I’m just getting hungry…shit, I have not eaten. Maybe mochi?

You’re throwing your annual Buygore Pool Party at The National on Sunday, what are you most excited for this year?

I’ll tell you that last year it was probably the naughtiest party in Miami. There were straight up people having sex on the couch. It was so naughty. I wonder if we’re going to top it this year. I just want to see if we’re going to have the craziest party in Miami again.

What’s the best way for a girl to get your attention at a show?

I like the chick that looks like you have to work hard for her. If she has her shit together I find it more attractive than a half-naked, half-falling on the floor chick. But I guess it goes both ways, girls aren’t attracted to the guy who’s on the floor vomiting with his shirt off. I’m sure there’s at least one person in the world that finds that attractive…

What’s the sexiest thing a girl can wear to a music festival?

I think that the nicer you dress is more sexy. To me, when girls aren’t leaving much to the imagination it kind of ruins it. I think casual is nice. When chicks dress ratchet…it’s just ratchet.

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