7 Halloween Costumes We’ve Found Weirdly Hot

Halloween is a really special holiday. I mean, what other time in your life are you going to be able to say “I hooked up with Harambe,” or “I grinded with Batman all night long.”

Sometimes you hook up with someone dressed in a “typically hot” costume, but other times you wake up next to a dude in a hot dog costume wondering what went wrong.

We collected stories from our readers and staff about the funniest people (or things) they’ve hooked up with on Halloween. Let this serve as your inspo for the 31st. And don’t forget about how awesome your walk of shame will be!

1. Make It Or Break It

“I was kinda dating someone when I hooked up with someone from my past. On Halloween, I was supposed to meet up with the kid I was seeing. Both guys sent me a photo of them in their Halloween costume. The boy from past was a shirtless Indian, and the current boy was a full-sized red M&M, complete with the white gloves. I’ve been dating the Indian for 4 years now.”

2. That Bulge Though

“I have a thing for male ballerinas on Halloween. I mean, that bulge though…Plus the fact that men in tights are so vulnerable, and a leotard is like body-con for men.”

3. The Hottest Disney Prince

“I mean I was a freshman at the time, so Aladdin is like, a great excuse for a guy who just started being able to build muscle to get away with not wearing a shirt. I think that’s what it was. He was just wearing a vest. Plus aladdin is super hot anyway because he’s got all the street smarts but can also be romantic af and I feel like that’s what every girl is programmed to like.”

4. I Wish We Were Surprised…

“I was Hulk Hogan one year and some guy was following me around and telling me how much he liked my costume. He was trying to get me to go home with him all night. My mustache fell off and he took it and put it in his pocket!”

5. Did You Touch His Weiner?

“I don’t know about hot, but for some reason I hooked up with this kid in a hot dog outfit and then when I saw what he really looked like after I was like WTF was I thinking. I guess the hot dog only showed his face lol.”

6. Match Made In McDonalds

“One time freshman year, I was dressed as the Hamburglar and this frat guy was also dressed as a Hamburgler…so we made out.”

7. What a Sweetie

“This wasn’t on Halloween, but one time at Santa Con I was going around taking photos with every guy in a gingerbread suit because I’m obsessed with gingerbread men. I went home and took a nap, then woke up that evening to find texts from someone with the name ‘Gingerbread Man’ in my phone, plus some pics of me grinding on a guy in a gingerbread man costume at the club.”

8. He’s Getting The Full Tour

“My friend and I were leaving a frat party relatively early because she was hammered. She randomly grabbed one of the frat guys that we were kind of friends with (he was dressed as a tourist) and somehow he ended up in the Uber home with us. She kept saying shit like ‘his body will do’ as if we were the witches in Hocus Pocus about to sacrifice him to Satan. We got back to her apartment and all ended up in her bed making out with each other. Then my friend passed out, and I followed suit, much to the dude’s dismay. We all woke up in the bed together laughing about it. The weirdest part was that we did it again the next night because he offered to buy us pizza. “

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