6 Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Look Tragically Un-Woke

Trying to be politically correct is a slippery slope.

If you get too into it, you may wonder if it’s okay to buy Americanized Indian food from your mall’s food court, or if it’s cool that you buy a kimono style jacket from Topshop. But if you pay no attention to being PC whatsoever, you may end up with 124 comments on your Halloween costume selfie with randos talking shit on you for being a “slut who loves dick almost as much as she loves white privilege.”

To avoid social media PC police and just avoid looking like an idiot altogether, don’t wear any of these Halloween costumes, please.

1. A Native American

Captioning your Instagram selfie with “sexy Native American” instead of “sexy Indian” doesn’t make this costume okay, sorry. If you really want to wear brown suede and fringe, dress up as Pocahontas instead, at least then you’re dressing up as a person rather than an entire race.

2. A “Geisha”

While not all Geishas were the ancient Japanese version of prostitutes and/or strippers, many were. If you’re not Japanese, save yourself the $60 costume and just dress up like a regular old stripper or prostitute, the outfit would be just as fun!

3. A…Mexican?

What even is this costume supposed to be, a sexy Mexican? Pretty sure we have enough sexy Mexicans that we don’t need some random chick who’s never even had authentic tacos walking around in a sombrero and calling it a Halloween costume. You don’t need to dress like a Mexican to drink tequila on Halloween, I promise.

4. An “Eskimo”

Just like the “Sexy Indian” costume, this is not cool. “Eskimo” is not even the right word, and you’ll probs look ridiculous while offending people in your faux-fur lined mini-dress. If you really want to wear boots with the fur, be an extra from a Flo Rida video, or a sexy snowboarder, or something.

5. Holy Sh*t

Okay, if you don’t realize that the above costume is horrifically offensive, racist, and culturally insensitive, maybe you should just not dress up this year.

6. An “Indian”

Again, if you’re not of Indian descent, this isn’t going to be a good look for you.

If you’re not sure if your costume is acceptable, ask yourself the following question:

What is my costume actually representing? 

If your costume is representing a culture, ethnicity, religion, or ethnic group; it’s probably not okay. There are so many other slutty Halloween costumes for you to wear this year that won’t offend people, we promise.


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