7 Couple Halloween Costumes That Won’t Make Your BF Want To Kill You

Couple Halloween costumes aren’t exactly the type of thing that dudes brag to their bros about. Matching Halloween costumes make them look “whipped” or “wifed up,” and obviously way less cool then their single friends who are just going to throw a jersey on and call it a day.

But guys should realize that dressing up with their girlfriend not only means that they’ll look way better (because they’ll have a woman’s touch, duh), but also means that they’ll get to show everyone that the hot chick in a Cat-woman costume belongs to them.

But if you’re still having trouble convincing your guy to dress up together this year, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. These dude-approved costumes will take way less convincing than that time you tried to get your boo to dress up as Peter Pan so you could be Wendy. And if he’s still being a party pooper, put on a hot ass costume and go out with your girls instead.

1. Something Alcohol Related


Unless the dude you’re dating is sober, he probs thinks anything relating to alcohol is automatically cool. There are tons of couples costumes that relate to alcohol, you could do something like jack and coke pictured above, tequila and a lime, a Four Loko and a drunk frat dude, the possibilities are endless!

2. Something Super “Manly”

Just a koala hangin on some eucalyptus 🐨🌿 #Halloween #couplecostume #koalacostume #eucalyptus

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By being a hunter and an animal, you can basically be whatever slutty critter you already wanted to be, and your boo can just throw together all his camo shit. Cheap for him, fun for you. Win-win.

3. Something That Makes Him Feel Super

Meet the Kents #couplecostume #superman #supergirl #hero #disguise #WeSuitedUp #geek #love #party

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What better way to stroke your boo’s ego than to tell him you think he’d make a perfect Superman or Batman for Halloween? Then you have the option of either playing his sidekick (think Batgirl for Batman) or his enemy (think Poison Ivy or Cat-woman for Batman). Basically, you have a ton of options and your man gets to feel like he’s the shit while showing off his ass in some tights.

4. Something That He’ll Almost Think Was His Idea

If you can think of a cute couple costume that comes from some shit he likes, he’s way more likely to agree to it. If he’s into Pokemon Go, the above would be great. If he’s into video games, maybe Mario and Luigi or Mario and Princess Peach. If he’s into Mad Men, maybe some characters from there. Anything can be a couples costume if you put your mind to it. Maybe he can be Walter White and you can dress up as sexy Meth?

5. Something That Shows Off His Bod

The whole joke around Halloween that girls can dress like sluts and nobody can say anything about it is BS. People will still call you a slut if they’re jealous of how hot you look in your 90’s Britney Spears costume, and dudes love showing off their bods just as much as girls do, at least, if they have a hot body. Because they’re dudes, they probably want you to be half-naked along with them for whatever costume you come up with, but that’s the fun in Halloween anyway, right?

6. Something Really F*cking Easy

S a l t & P e P P e r #stumo #stumoadventures #couplecostume #saltandpepper

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Guys don’t want to start thinking of their costume ideas starting in August, and they definitely don’t want to spend over $60 on a costume. For most dudes, the simpler a costume is, the better. This also benefits you in terms of saving money, time, and also being able to whip up a costume at the last second if your f*ck buddy suddenly decides he wants to dress up together. For inspiration, basically think of anything that can be conveyed by you printing something out and pinning it to a T-shirt, like Salt and Pepper, Thing 1 and Thing 2, or Peanut Butter and Jelly.

7. Something Scary

Just because your boo wants to dress as something scary doesn’t mean your costume has to be scary. Take Kylie and Tyga’s costume as an example. Tyga looks horrific, while Kylie just looks like a bad-ass babe. You can really do this with any “cliché” halloween costume. I mean seriously, they make “sexy” Freddy Kruger costumes now, so anything is possible.

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