They’re Selling a Sexy Harambe Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes have gotten so basic. Walk into a party and you’ll see a sexy nurse, a sexy school girl, and a sexy cat. But you know what you won’t see? A sexy gorilla.

And not just any sexy gorilla, a special sexy gorilla in all of our hearts, otherwise known as Harambe.

But now, thanks to the genius folks at Leg Avenue, you can be a sexy Harambe for Halloween.

Okay well, technically it’s not actually Harambe, it’s just a regular sexy gorilla costume. But we all know that when you walk into a frat party looking like a hot piece of gorilla ass, every frat dude is going to start chanting Harambe and pulling up the memes while salivating over how great your legs look.

The costume retails at $49.99, which might be a bit over your Halloween budget. But think of all the possibilities. If you’ve got a bae you can even turn this into a couple costume! Think of how great your boo would look dressed like a neglected child that casually wandered into a zoo exhibit. Or maybe Cecil the Lion if he’s not feeling the toddler vibe?

Either way, better get this costume on Amazon before it sells out, because once the world gets hold of this, they’re going to be jumping on it like hot cakes.

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