How To Make a Halloween Costume You’ll Actually Wear Again

While Lindsay Lohan’s Halloween costume in Mean Girls wasn’t exactly sexy, it was genius.

I mean, she basically pulled that sh*t out of her ass at the last minute, didn’t spend any extra money, and even though she didn’t exactly impress Aaron Samuels, it would’ve been a great costume for a non-hoe Halloween party.

But the thing is, you can still wear a sexy costume and not spend any money, or at least not spend money on something you’ll only wear once. Here’s how.

Do Not Buy A Pre-Made Costume

Seriously. Store bought costumes are the sh*ttiest for so many reasons. First off, you’re probs going to be wearing the same costume as at least one other girl at the party. Second off, you’re legit spending $40 or so on something that you’ll legit never wear again. And the quality of those costumes is always horrendous, the fit is unflattering, and you’ll probably wake up in the morning to your sexy witch costume ripped in half from you drunkenly taking it off.

Think Of What You Already Have

Think of some of the pieces you already have and love, and brainstorm how you can make them into a Halloween costume. A black bodysuit can be used for anything from a cop, to a witch, to cat-woman. Something white and lacy could be a zombie bride (shoutout Cady Heron), Madonna at the VMAs, or a naughty nurse. But you don’t have to stop there, in fact, use Halloween as a reason to wear one of your craziest pieces that you bought for a festival and never wore again. Use that metallic crop top to be an alien, a mermaid, or a sexy robot. Once you start getting creative, it’s hard to stop, and you’ll probs end up with like 15 different costumes that you want to wear.

Buy What You Don’t Have… Smartly

Making a costume without spending any money is dope, but not all of us have random weird shit in our wardrobe or a roommate who has a huge bin of random animal ears in her closet. If you’re buying clothing for your costume, buy it from somewhere you’d normally shop, like Forever 21 or Nasty Gal. American Apparel is a bit pricier, but also has really good basics and metallic stuff if you need something specific. If you’re dressing as a vampire, buy a cute black bustier that you’d totally wear to the club with jeans. If you’re dressing as a princess, buy a fun tulle skirt that you’d wear with a white button up for a fun day look. Before you buy anything for your costume, ask yourself, “would I wear this again? If so, with what?”

Borrow Basic Halloween Accessories

Obviously, there are going to be things that you probably won’t wear again, like cat ears or a police badge. But before you add random shit to your cart on Amazon, ask around. There’s always that one friend who keeps everything, and she’s bound to have some random Halloween accessories that you could potentially use. Having a costume swap is also a great idea.

Fashion Tape Is Your New BFF

Instead of buying the accessories you need to create your look, make them. But if possible, stay away from the glue and preserve the accessories instead. If you’re dressing up as the white rabbit, buy a circular shaped purse and tape a printout of a clock-face onto it. If you’re dressing up as a nurse, fashion tape a red cross symbol onto your cute white minidress. One year I went as Katy Perry and fashion taped actual lollipops to my bra. Sure, the costume may not last until next Halloween, but it’s not like you were really going to wear it again. Instead, you’ll have regular clothes that you’ll actually want to wear again, and the fashion tape won’t ruin them.

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