8 Sexy Monsters That You’ll Find Weirdly Hot

Everybody loves a bad boy — or a bad girl. This must be why we find some monsters, vampires, ghosts, and werewolves kinda sexy, right? After all, half the reason why some monsters are so attractive is so that they can draw their victims in. To get you hyped for Halloween, or maybe even some costume inspo, we’re highlighted some of our favorite sexy monsters.

1. Louis – Interview With a Vampire

OG Brad Pitt will always be sexy. Even if he’s a little paler than usual with a few varicose veins.

2. Billy Butcherson – Hocus Pocus

Okay, so maybe he’s not conventionally sexy, but something about that mussed up hair and honest eyes is actually kinda cute. Plus the fact that his mouth is sewn shut is actually kind of a plus when you consider all the dumb shit that came out of your ex-BF’s mouth.

3. Jennifer – Jennifer’s Body

Megan Fox will always be sexy. It doesn’t matter if her jaw unhinges and she grows fangs and eats your boyfriend’s face, she’s still sexy.

4. Tate – AHS Murder House

Manipulative and kinda psycho? Yes. Weirdly sexy even with that skull shit on his face? Also yes.

5. Eric Northman – True Blood

Vampires are def one of the sexiest monsters. What’s not to love about a ripped dude with bright eyes? Even if he might try to suck your neck in your sleep it’s kinda… kinky?

6.  Isaac Lahey – Teen Wolf

Why is this picture of Isaac Lahey so sexy? We’re not sure. Maybe it’s the animalistic expression? Or maybe it’s just the fact that Daniel Sharman plays a really hot vampire?

7. Santanico Pandemonium – From Dusk Till Dawn

Salma Hayek will always be our favorite movie stripper, even if she’s also queen of the vampires.

8. Frankenstein – I, Frankenstein

TBH, never heard of this movie before I made this list, but if you ever wondered what a sexy Frankenstein looked like, now you know. I guess Aaron Eckhart is a great actor at playing roles where his face is f*cked up?

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