Forget Shopping & Have a ‘Costume Swap’ This Halloween

I fucking love Halloween.

I love Halloween so much that all throughout college, I had an entire bin filled with Halloween costume supplies. Wigs, lingerie, beads, an inflatable monkey… you name it, I had it.

It seemed bizarre and over the top to some, but anytime I had a themed party to attend, I had something to wear. And when I needed a last minute Halloween costume,Β I always had something I could throw together.

Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can be. Especially if you wait until the last minute or are kinda lazy when it comes to DIY stuff and then end up having to buy the last pussycat costume at Spirit Halloween on the 29th for $50.

This year, you should have a costume swap with your girls. Seriously. You already borrow each other’s clothes on the reg, so why not your Halloween costumes? Just set a time, place, and make sure everybody brings all the weird ass shit they have laying around their house.

If you and all your girlfriends have a costume swap, you can not only save money for something that you’ll actually wear again, but you’ll also get some use out of your previously purchased costume that would collect dust in the back of your closet otherwise.

Plus, if you plan ahead, your costume swap with your girlfriends can be a sort of pre-Halloween party. Buy some red wine and some candy corn, maybe make those festive Pillsbury cookies while drinking the wine, and get tipsy while trying on your college roomies slutty referee costume or deciding WTF to do with your best friend’s random assortment of animal ears.

You’ll basically be saving the environment by re-wearing the mermaid bikini costume that your friend wore last year, and you can spend the money you saved on the big hangover brunch you’ll need the day after Halloween, or maybe your Uber since you know the rates are going to be off the f*cking wall on the 31st.

Whatever you end up doing this Halloween, do it in a previously owned Halloween costume that will look just as hot as a new one and will be way less likely to be worn by someone else at the party.

Seriously, who said recycling can’t be fun?

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