You Can Get a Free Makeup Lesson In Your Uber Today

If you love Ubers and you love makeup, today is your motherf*ckin’ day.

Today, September 22, from 5pm to 9pm, makeup artist legend Bobbi Brown will accompany riders who request Uber black cars in NYC. Crazy, right?

The beauty titan will give passengers tips to applying their makeup. She’ll also shower them with gifts! Mainly her brand’s newest products: the Retouching Wand and the Retouching Face Pencil.

Bobbi can’t be in every car, of course. But twenty of her makeup artists will also be on hand to accompany riders in New York and Los Angeles.

So, why is this happening?

Peter Lichtenthal, president of Bobbi Brown, described the Retouching Wand and Retouching Face Pencil to WWD as products for busy women to touch-up in an on-the-go way.”

What a way to advertise! We’ll take it.

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