90’s Guys That Began Our Eternal Love for Bad Boys

Sure, the ivy-league graduate who works at a major accounting firm has been trying to take you out since September…but old habits die hard, and you’ve been busy lusting over the bearded dude who parks his motorcycle outside your office. Why can’t we ever go for the nice guys that will love and adore us? We end up going for the bad boys who are as un-reliable as our mood swings are while on our periods. Our theory? It’s not our fault we’ve been influenced negatively by TV and movies since we were little girls! I blame the media for my addiction to naughty boys with tattoos and a criminal record. Here’s why:

1. Patrick Verona – 10 Things I Hate About You


2. Shawn Hunter – Boy Meets World


3. Jordan Catalano – My So Called Life


4. Sebastian Valmont – Cruel Intentions


5. Travis – Clueless


6. Dylan Mckay – 90210


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