6 Signs You Should Take a Break From Dating

There comes a certain time in your life (or multiple certain times) where you really need to get the f out of the dating game. After all, the fact that it’s become super easy to schedule a date for every night of the week (thanks Tinder) isn’t always a good thing. In fact, sometimes it’s actually bad.

Here are some signs that you should bench yourself from the dating game, even just for a little bit.

1. You Keep Saying You’ll Delete Tinder, But You Don’t

If you can’t even admit to other people that you’re actively searching for a boo thang, this is a red flag. It’s almost like you’re an addict and Tinder (or whatever dating app) is your vice. If you want to quit Tinder, than quit it. If you don’t want to quit Tinder but feel lame for trying so hard to find a bae, you should maybe quit it too, or learn to accept it and stop being in denial.

2. You Just Got Out of a Relationship

Swiping right on a bunch of hotties who will tell you that you’re sexy sounds like a great way to get over an ex, but it’s not, we promise. This goes doubly to sleeping with randos. Obviously, this is much easier said than done, but instead of trying to replace your ex you should take the proper time to mourn & reflect on the relationship, then do you. Another bae will come around in good time, when you’re ready.

3. You’re Using Potential Matches To Boost Your Confidence

It’s natural to feel good when you match with a really sexy guy or are getting complimented by strangers online, but you shouldn’t depend on it. If you feel like you get down in the dumps when you don’t get a lot of matches or messages, you might want to take a hiatus on the whole dating app thing. It’s cliche, but you really got to love yourself before trying to find someone else who will.

4. You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Went on a Second Date

The thing about dating apps is that they can make dating feel like a job rather than fun. Instead of getting the first date jitters, you’re getting the first date annoyances because it’s the third time you have to get dressed up and go out to a wine bar this week. Trust me, I’ve been there.

If you’re just going on first dates, then sure, you might be picky. But you also might be so jaded about the whole dating thing that you’re not even forming real connections with dates, just viewing them as another notch in your (dating) belt. You’re def not going to find a serious boo this way, so you might as well stop, unless you’re enjoying all the free dinners and drinks. Then I guess you can maybe continue.

5. You Feel More Lonely Than Ever Before

It seems contrary, but tons of studies have proved that dating apps can actually make you feel more lonely. I mean, after all, you can have a new date every night, but it doesn’t take the place of real connections. Plus, if you’re spending so much time on dates, you may be neglecting the people who actually give a fuck about you.

6. You Try To Envision Every Dude As Your Boyfriend

Only going on first dates and being “picky,” isn’t ideal, but neither is trying to make every potential match into a future boyfriend. Chances are half these guys don’t even live up to your standards, but you’re finding reasons to cling on to them simply because you have it in your mind that you need a boo. Girl, you don’t! Stop giving losers your time just because you’re lonely and spend some time on yourself.

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