7 Thoughts Every Picky Girl Has Had About Dudes

There are tons of fish in the sea. The only problem is that you haven’t found your fish, and your fish has to be perfect.

It’s not that you don’t date or hook up with dudes, it’s that you always feel like they’re missing something, you know? But it’s cool, because having high standards is always better than having no standards, even if it means you might be rolling solo dolo for a little bit. Either way, you can totally relate to having these thoughts.

1. Do They Make Heels For Dudes?

So you matched with a super hot and successful dude on Bumble and have a great date, but when it’s time to leave and he stands up, you realize he’s short af. Shit. I guess this is why dudes put their height in their Tinder bios?

2. He’s Almost Perfect

Your friends may think you’re crazy, but they just don’t understand how picky you really are. Sure, it might seem insane that you stopped dating Cam just because he didn’t like pepperoni, but that’s a fucking big deal to you. How else are you guys going to enjoy pizza in bed together if he doesn’t like fucking pepperoni?! You just aren’t the type of girl who goes for guys that eat plain cheese. Plus that probably means he’s boring, right?

3. Is It Too Late To Bail On My Date?

You push yourself to go out with guys, but then at the last minute you totally regret it. Maybe they send you a weird emoji (or any emoji at all really), maybe they suggest a restaurant that is so not your scene, or maybe you show up and realize that he’s wearing flip flops. Either way, you’re constantly asking your BFF to be on back-up in case you need someone to call you with an “emergency” during the date.

4. Am I Lying To My Friend About Her New Boo?

Okay, you would never, ever, ever date a guy like your roommate’s boyfriend. He’s skinny-fat, he wears Birkenstocks, and he’s never heard of Amber Rose. But obviously, you can’t tell her that. So when she introduces you to him and asks what you think afterwards, you say, “OMG! Love Tommy, he’s so cute and has such a fun style!” Meanwhile you’re mentally reminding yourself why you have standards.

5. Do Guys Not Know What High Standards Are?

Nothing is worse than a guy who can’t believe that you’re not into him. Like seriously, stop trying. While you appreciate his effort, he needs to realize that he’s just not your type… and you don’t date guys that work at the mall, sorry!

6. You Sometimes Wonder If You’re Too Picky

You’ve always prided yourself on being picky, but now that more and more of your friends are settling down in relationships, you wonder if you judge guys too quickly when you should’ve given them a chance. Is that why you’re alone while all your (lame) friends stay in Netflix and chilling with their baes that they met on Tinder?

7. But Then Realize It’s Cuz You Know What You Want

On second thought, there’s no such thing as being too picky. You just know what you want and you know your self worth, and you should pride yourself on that! You can’t force yourself to be into somebody, and if you do it’ll just end in a bad break-up. Besides, you’re focusing on you, not finding a bae.

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