Turns Out Taken People Have Better Sex Lives Than Single People

Whether you admit it or not, every person who’s been in a relationship for a while occasionally misses being single.

Generally, the reason you miss being single is because you miss casually dating and/or hooking up. The chase is so damn fun, and although you’re probs having banging sex with your boo, you just don’t get the same rush that you do when making out with a new hottie for the first time.

But the thing is, your sex life is actually probably way better than your single friends’, according to a new study done by SKYN condoms.

84% of respondents who are married reported being “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their sex lives, whereas only 71% of single people did.

If you think about it, it makes sense. I mean, random hookups are fun and exciting, but do they actually end in orgasm? Not most of the time. Plus you have to deal with all the awkward shit, like wondering if you should sleep over, acting like you can’t hear the queef noises that are occurring, and pretending you love the smell of his sweaty balls.

Your relationship status is one of those things where “the grass is always greener on the other side” really applies. When you’re single, you want a bae that you can snuggle up to and watch Netflix with. When you’re taken, you miss the freedom of being single and hooking up with randos.

Both def have their pluses and minuses, but when it comes to sex, taken people are most likely getting the better end of the deal.

Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule, so don’t get all butt hurt about this just yet. All I’m saying is you taken people get to fuck someone who actually knows what you like instead of just guessing. Plus, you can probs get him to try crazy kinky shit with you if that’s what you’re into, which is always a plus.

It’s normal to have passing moments where you miss your Tinderella days, but just remember you’ve got a hottie back at home who knows your secret fetish.

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