12 Girls Confess What They Miss The Most About Being Single

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The grass is always greener on the other side. When you’re single, you wish you had a bae. But when you’re taken, you miss the days of partying with your BFFs and waking up on random guys’ couches (well, kind of).

Summertime is the best season to be single, so you shouldn’t be having any single-girl blues. But just in case you are, we asked wifed-up girls to confess what they really miss about being single. Read up, and you’ll remember why you wanna stay independent.


“Scheming with my BFFs. I still go out with my friends, but it’s not the same as when I used to plot with my girls about which guys we were going to meet up with depending on who each of us was talking to. And now I never have any funny hook-up stories to dish out the morning after.”


“When you’re out with your friends and they can talk to whoever however, you kind of can’t do the same without eventually flirting.”


“Going to formals and being a frat rat.”


“Meeting a ton of new people. You’re kind of in a utopia that stands still when you’re dating someone. I feel when I’m dating someone my life is kind of routine, like nothing really changes. It’s kind of like time stands still. Only when things end or things progress or something major happens that feeling change. Like for me, I’m dating my boyfriend right now and it feels like the only people I see are my fam, my friends, him, his fam, and his friends. There’s no real venturing out.”


“Getting free dinners and drinks from random guys. I feel bad asking my boyfriend to pay for everything, but I know if I was single I’d never have to pay for any of that shit. It sounds fucked up, but it’s true.”


“Scheduling is easier when you’re single, because you’re not scheduling for two.”


“Lusty make-outs! Like, nothing beats that moment when you first kiss somebody you’re really lusting over.”


“The excitement of being able to do whatever you want. I could go to a bar and meet someone cool and attractive and there’s the possibility of going home with him. Having the freedom to hook up with whoever, whenever is fun and exciting.”


“Grinding ratchet with randos.”


“Changing my plans without feeling like I’m inconveniencing someone else.”


“Sleeping in the same bed every night. I love staying at my boyfriend’s place but hopping from my place to his and schlepping an overnight bag all over town gets old.”



“Sleeping in a bed by yourself. For real, I hate cuddling.”

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