The Single Girl’s Summer Bucket List

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Everyone knows that summer is the best season to be single. First off, your sex drive is way up. Secondly, there are shirtless/sweaty boys everywhere. Thirdly, you look sexy even when you’re not trying to be sexy. Unlike in the winter when you likely run into your ex as you’re wearing sweatpants with a northface and no makeup; in the summer you’re always dressed sexy and your slight tan leaves you feeling awesome even when you’re makeup free.

If you’ve entered the summer season with a bae, dump him (JK). But, sorry, this list isn’t for you.

This list is for the girls who are ready to take their summer by the horns and live up their single girl experience why they can.

1. Go On a Tinder Date

There’s a reason that you’ve seen more and more people shamelessly swiping right (or left) on the subway. Tinder isn’t embarrassing anymore. If you check out your local newspapers wedding announcements, you’ll notice that most of them admit to meeting on some type of dating app.

If you’ve never been on a real dating app date (a.k.a. you only joined for a confidence boost), you should go on one this summer. Not to find a summer boyfriend, but for the experience of it. At best, you’ll get a good one night stand or explore a part of town that you’ve never been to. At worst, you’ll get a good story.

Obviously, be safe about it and let your BFF know who you’re going out with or where you’re going. In fact, if you’re down to go on a double date, download an app like Grouper for a group-Tinder experience.

2. Travel By Yourself

We’ve all been inspired by the Eat, Pray, Love idea of traveling across the world all alone. Unfortunately, this can be kind of scary and/or dangerous, plus most of us don’t have the money to casually book a plane ticket to Bali.

Instead, take a day-cation (or weekend, if you’re ballsy), to a new town/city nearby. You probably won’t “find yourself” in a day, but you can certainly enjoy your alone time, explore a new place, and get to know some new people at a bar or diner or whatever.

3. Get A Sugar Daddy

You don’t have to actually sign up for Seeking Arrangement or whatever other sugar daddy site, but if you live in a city like New York, you’ve likely been hit on by an older dude who promises to take you to Fiji and buy you a Birkin.

Because he’s a guy, he probably wants something in return for spoiling you (wonder what?), but remember that you don’t owe him shit. If he wants to take you shopping or out to that five-star restaurant you might as well live a life of luxury for a night. Just make sure he knows who’s boss (you are) and that he can’t buy your love.

4. Hook Up With Two Roommates

What’s more fun that taking advantage of guys’ cluelessness and unwillingness to talk about girls? Not much.

While a guy could probably never get away with hooking up with two BFFs, a girl can get away with this surprisingly easily thanks to guys not wanting to talk about their emotions or even specifics of girls that they hook up with.

Sure, there’s a chance they might be kind of pissed if (that’s a big if) they find out, but they might not even care because they’re guys and “bros before hoes” and shit.

5. Forget About Your Type At Least Once

So many of us stick to a strict “type” without realizing it. But you know those times where you see a guy who’s totally not your type and you for some reason think he’s hot?

Say that bartender you see at your local spot who’s got a full sleeve of tattoos and a nose ring. You think he’s sexy, but have never gone for it because you usually go for Wall Street type dudes, and you could never bring a guy like him home to mom and dad.

If you think he’s hot, it doesn’t have to matter that he’s not relationship-material. He could be great one night stand material, or free drinks all night material. Have a wild night with a wild boy before you meet your basic bitch boyfriend and are stuck with him all your life.

6. Splurge On Some Sexy Lingerie

You do not need a partner to buy lingerie. In fact, if you had one they should be the one buying you lingerie so you can save dat money.

Regardless, you should buy lingerie for yourself, not anybody else. As a gift to yourself for getting through the winter, you deserve to shell out a bit of cash for some lingerie that makes you feel like a Playboy centerfold.

After you buy whatever your heart desires, take that shit home and put it on, play your favorite sex playlist, light some candles, and start feeling yourself.

7. Sunbathe Nude

Unfortunately, the US is filled with porn-loving prudes and there are very few places where you can tan topless (let alone bottomless) legally. But, with some creativity (and some balls) you can certainly find a place or two that will allow you to get some sun sans tan lines.

Try your best friend’s rooftop or your parents’ backyard pool when they’re on vacation. Maybe you’ll match with a hottie on Tinder who has a secluded balcony?

Being naked outside is risky, but super rewarding. BTW, showing your boobs outside is legal in New York and some other states. There’s nothing like feeling the warm air on your free-hanging titties, and it’ll take your body confidence to a whole new level.

8. Do Something Outside Your Sexual Comfort Zone

Having a bae means consistent sex, but being single means crazier sex. Take advantage of your time solo to try the sexual kinks you’ve always fantasized about.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try experimenting with a girl (like for real, not like the time you made out for guys’ attention in high school), maybe you’ve always wanted to be eiffel-towered, maybe pegging tickles your fancy.

Nothing is off limits, and thanks to dating apps it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone who’s totally down to play into your fantasy. Cross it off the bucket list now, because next cuffing season you could end up with someone who’s not quite as open-minded.

9. Date Like a Dude

Sure, fuckboys suck, but dating like a fuckgirl is an interesting way to give dudes a taste of their own medicine; or at least to ensure that you stay single and have an awesome summer without getting hung up on someone.

Make a pact with yourself (or with your fave wing woman) to date like a dude this summer. You can have hook-ups and you can go on dates, but getting attached or serious with one guy is not allowed. If a guy seems to want something more, let him know in that cliché douchebag way that you’re just not looking for anything serious right now.

Let yourself have a rotating roster of dudes to fulfill your late night booty call or to buy you pizza. You’ll feel like you have your very own hottie harem, and you’ll never let one fuckboy ruin your night.

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