Why You Feel Sexier In The Summertime According To Science

Something about shedding your winter sweatpants and leaving your bed for the first time in three months makes you feel wonderful. Maybe it’s the sunshine on your face, maybe it’s the fact that you miraculously still fit into your denim cut-offs, or maybe it’s the fact that seven shirtless dudes are playing volleyball outside your building; but something about summer just makes you feel super sexy.

Turns out, it’s not just you or the end of your winter Netflix and chill hibernation. There’s actually science behind why everyone feels sexier in the summertime. After all, we’ve all had summer flings, but winter flings are slightly unheard of. We spoke to Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg about the science behind why you feel sexier in the summertime.

Longer Days

Nothing is more depressing than leaving work in the winter and realizing that it’s already dark outside. On the contrary, once it gets warm outside it feels amazing to be out at 8 p.m. This phenomenon doesn’t only help your mood, it can also help your sex life.

“Not everyone is sensitive to changes in weather and seasons, but those that are will notice that longer days and more sunlight changes the neurotransmitters and mood and affects energy, sexual desires, and overall mood,” says Kingsberg.

Perhaps it’s the sun shining through your bedroom window after you’ve had dinner with your honey, or perhaps the longer days simply make it feel like you have more time to get naughty with your boo; but either way, we’re not complaining.

The Perfect Temperature To Get Naked

Stripping your clothes off prior to sex when you’re in your cold-ass apartment is never an enjoyable activity. You know all those sex scenes in movies where they have sex under the covers and you’re confused as to who actually does that? Well, you actually do that when it’s freezing outside and you want your skin to come into contact with the air as little as possible.

“If it’s too cold we tend to want to hibernate, it’s hard to be sexy when you’re trying to conserve your heat,” explains Kingsberg.

In the summer, you actually want to strip down as soon as you get home.

“Our bodies really respond to the optimal temperature,” says Kingsberg. “Summer provides that, as long as it’s not too hot. Summer is a better time to throw off your clothes, throw off the blankets and feel more comfortable in the air.”

Fit To F*ck 

As Elle Woods taught us all, “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy.” Endorphins also make you horny.

“Summertime is when we’re outside, we’re energized, that in and of itself is an aphrodisiac,” says Dr. Kingsberg. “Good health relates to wanting to be more sexual, so when we’re outside and more active that enhances your sex drive.”

If you need more motivation to get to the gym for that last minute beach body, this is it. Looking and feeling healthier will likely encourage you to have more sex, which means more orgasms, which means a happier you.

You may be wondering if people who live in areas where the climate is constantly ideal, say California, have better sex.

“There’s no data to support that, but they have the advantage of having more optimal conditions for sex than the rest of us,” says Kingsberg.

Then again, people in California are also more likely to spend money on dating sites to try to find love; so maybe being an East-Coaster isn’t so bad after all.

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