It Might Be Harder to Find Love on the West Coast

To outsiders, the West Coast is romanticized.

The west side of the U.S.A. is known for its beautiful beaches and ski slopes, perfect weather, and laid back attitude. In addition, musicians like Lana Del Rey sing its praises, or tell us that there is “more bounce in California.”

But those who live in California or other western states complain that they are plagued with traffic, natural disasters, and water shortages. And according to a new survey done by Earnest, west coast dwellers might also have a harder time finding love the good old-fashioned way.

In fact, in their study of how people spend money on dating services, Earnest found that west coasters are three times more likely to use online dating services than East Coasters are. They’re also 55% more likely to join dating services that cost money.

This pretty much disproves every stereotype there is about people living on the west coast.

Aren’t they all supposed to be super fit and active, hanging around outside meeting new people all the time? Aren’t they also supposed to be so laid back that they don’t need to pay someone to find them a partner? That sounds more like type-A East Coast behavior than any Cali mindset we’ve ever heard of.

 Clearly this is a conundrum that can’t be solved through statistics alone. Do you have any proof that dating is harder on the west coast? Please send the deets to and we’ll try to solve this mystery together.

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