6 Lingerie Updates Vital For Summer

Have you gotten all of your summer essentials? From flirty sundresses to trendy swimsuits, you’ve probably checked most of everything off your list… except new goodies for your lingerie drawer!

We often forget about finding lingerie that works with the changing seasons. And to be honest, we don’t need much, but there are a few items every girl needs for summer. Here’s 6 lingerie updates that are vital for your summer look.

Turn up the heat by adding some bling! A little sparkle, whether it be sequins, beads, or shimmery detail can take your boring black bra and thong from 0-100 real quick.

White is the color of the season. Plus, it’s the best option for a feminine look without looking too girly in pink. If you’re a fan of using your innocence to your advantage in the bedroom, this one’s for you.

Every girl needs a long slip dress to waltz around her apartment in, single or not! Look out for a style that comes with a high slit in the leg for some extra sexiness.

Mesh is hot… literally. While us ladies love to rock a mesh bodysuit underneath our rocker tees in the cooler months, it’s much too hot – temperature wise – for that kind of fashion behavior now! Try a mesh bra to keep yourself feeling fierce, or even a mesh tank. There’s nothing sexier than a little nip action!

Black lace never goes out of style. Whether it’s Christmas Eve or 4th of July, black lacey lingerie just works. Plus, it looks expensive even when it’s cheap!

Baby doll dresses are the official lingerie style of the season. These comfortable undergarments are breathable and light and perfect for summer. You’ll sleep comfortably and look hot while doing it.

Photographed by Alexandra Hainer at the Madonna Inn featuring models Paulina Shafir and Taylor Giavasis.

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