5 Artists You Need On Your Sex Playlist

What’s the worst soundtrack you’ve ever had sex to? Was it the Top 40 radio station that played in your first car where you would get it on with high school boyfriend? How about the endless screaming dudes that always seemed to interrupt when you were trying to get laid in your freshman dorm room? Well, now that you’re all grown up, it’s time to update your sex soundtrack as well.

You may be envisioning an awkward transition: when things start heating up you have to run over and switch on your playlist entitled “sexy time.” From personal experience, I can assure you this does not need to happen. Invite that dude over, and keep music on the whole time. Then, when you are feeling like the time is right, casually make the switch over to your special playlist. Believe me, he won’t even notice.

While your sex playlist should be a personal experience; you need to find those jams that make you feel like you’re the baddest bitch in the world, we’ve decided to get you started with 5 artists we know will get you feeling freaky in no time.

1. The Weeknd

If you haven’t heard The Weeknd yet, you are clearly missing out on one of the sexiest voices around. I have a hard time listening to him when I’m trying to get actual work done, because my mind is automatically going to places that they probably shouldn’t be at two in the afternoon.

Download: “Wicked Games” or “Or Nah”


2. T. Mills

While T. Mills’ music ranges from party music to stoner jams- there are a bunch of his songs that make us wish we had him in our bed immediately (not to mention all those sexy tattoos).

Download: “Scandalous” or “Come Inside”


3. Jhene Aiko

You didn’t think we were gonna forget the ladies, did you? Jhene has the voice we wish we had, silky smooth and super sexy.

Download: “Hoe” or “Spotless Mind”


4. Lana Del Rey

With her new album release, you may be sick of hearing about Miss Del Rey (we’re not), but you can’t deny that she exudes sexual confidence in her music to no end. Lana is the ultimate bad bitch, and if her pussy actually tastes like pepsi-cola we are very jealous.

Download: “Cola” or “F***ed My Way Up To The Top”


5. Rihanna

We couldn’t leave out Bad Girl Ri Ri could we? Don’t we all wish we could be Rihanna in bed? Or at least have her wardrobe? Besides, maybe if you play “Cake” it’ll give your man the hint he needs to go down on you.

Download: “Skin” or “Red Lipstick”


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