8 Signs You’re Too Mature For Your Boyfriend

It’s a pretty well known fact that girls mature faster than boys. Your mom told you this when you were seven and your crush was throwing spit balls at you during recess. Your BFF told you this when you were crying over your ex who dumped you because he needed more time to play video games.

Maturity isn’t always an age thing, and being a cougar can be awesome. But, there comes a time when everything you and your boy toy are fighting about has to do with one simple fact: you don’t have the same maturity level.

Here are some signs your BF might need to go back to the kiddie pool.

1. Your Nights Out Are Always a Battle

A huge sign of “growing up” has to do with where you choose to spend your weekend nights. During your freshman year of college, putting on Urban Outfitters jean shorts and heading to a ridiculously crowded frat party was lit af. Now, you’d rather end your weekends at a chill lounge, or at least somewhere that you don’t have to deal with handsy frat dudes.

While going out isn’t the most important part of your relationship, it def says something about your future together if you can never agree on how to spend your hard-earned weekend nights.

2. You’re The Only One Thinking About Your Future Together

There comes a time in your dating life where the whole “I’m super chill and DGAF about labels” mentality wears off. When your man starts influencing life decisions like where you’re going to live or work, it’s time to reconsider how serious your relationship is and if there’s potential for a future together.

That’s not to say you should start interviewing your Tinder dates about their views on marriage and kids, but it also means that your boyfriend of a year shouldn’t freak out when you start talking about where you see your relationship going. If he answers, “Idk babe, I’m a go with the flow type of guy,” tell him “boy, bye.”

3. He Doesn’t Understand Your “Grown Up” Problems

There’s a reason why a 10 year age gap works with adults past a certain age, but not in high school or college. It’s tough when your closest confidant can’t relate to the shit that you’re going through. For example, if you’re struggling to save money and pay rent while he’s still living off his parents’ credit card. It’s not his fault for being privileged or younger than you, but it can be frustrating when you’re working three jobs to make ends meet while he just calls his dad up to ask for more beer money.

4. He Refuses To Open Up Or Communicate

Girls and guys alike have trouble communicating about their real feelings in a relationship. Instead of confronting their boo about their jealousy, they subtweet. Instead of telling them how much they care, they get drunk, slur “I love you,” and pretend it never happened the next morning.

The thing is, once you reach a certain point in life (and after a bad break up or two) you realize that you’re never going to reach “happily ever after” (if that exists) without opening up and being direct. Unfortunately, your immature bae doesn’t realize this yet, and you and your relationship will suffer until he figures that out.

Tell him to call you in five years when he’s done being “manly” and not talking about his emotions.

5. He Acts Like a Dick To You In Front of His Friends

This isn’t a “boys will be boys” moment. Well, actually, maybe it is. Boys will be boys and act like assholes to seem cool in front of their bros, but men won’t.

Seriously, how fucking lame is it when guys have to prove that they’re not “whipped” by suddenly acting like a douche when you go out with his friends? Do you act that way in front of your friends? Sure, maybe you’ll tone down the “babe” or PDA, but you’re not going to suddenly act like a bitch to him. If a guy does this, it’s time to bounce.

6. He Gets Jealous Over Trivial Things That You Can’t Control

A good guy knows that trust is one of the most important things to have for a successful relationship. A man knows that you’re his girl, and that nothing really matters as long as your his by the end of the night.

If your dude is still getting hung up on guys you dated years ago, or randos who comment on your Instagram pics, he needs to get his priorities straight. This could just be that he just doesn’t understand what it’s like being a girl and getting creeped on constantly, but it could also mean that he needs to grow up.

7. You’re Embarrassed To Introduce Him To Your Friends

You’re worried to take your man out with your co-workers because you’re scared he’ll make an ignorant comment about Donald Trump or start talking about how he still lives with his parents. Not to mention the fact that he has no clue how to dress himself when he’s going to a semi-nice establishment.

8. His Priorities Aren’t Straight

You only live once, but you should also only date an idiot once. If he’s skipping an important job interview to go to a surprise Drake concert or he’s bailing on your weekend plans to go pick up weed with his boy, he’s not just immature, he’s a shitty boyfriend.

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