9 Celebs Who Are All About the Cougar Life

When you’re younger, it’s all about dating an older guy, but there comes a certain point in your life when you realize that there’s a slight appeal that comes with a younger dude.

Sure, they may not be as financially stable or as experienced, but that makes for half the fun. Something is sexy about being the first girl to introduce your man to a kinky sex position, or being his first “real” girlfriend.

If you need more convincing, check out all these bombshell babes that tried the cougar life and loved it.

1. Paris Hilton

Just Jared

Princess Paris always needed the newest Juicy track suit, the coolest bedazzled flip phone, and of course– the hottest model boyfriend. You wouldn’t guess it, but when Paris dated that male model named after a body of water, River Viiperi, he was 11 years her junior.

2. Mariah Carey

Social Dweeb

When she’s not having pizza parties in Italy, she’s preying on fine young men. Nick Cannon had a good run (seven years), but now Mimi has moved on to Australian billionaires that are actually (gasp!) older than her. 

3. Jennifer Lopez

She Knows

If every 46-year-old woman had an ass like J.Lo’s, they’d probably be dating 28-year-old men too. J.Lo has been on and off with Casper Smart since 2011. They broke up in 2013 but have been seen together recently and appear to be rekindling their May-December flame. Maybe he won’t ghost her this time? Cuz like, lol Casper? 

4. Demi Moore


Who could forget when this babe dated another babe 16 years her junior? While we’re super in love with Kutcher’s current romance with Mila Kunis that blossomed out of “That 70’s Show,” we also loved seeing him with Moore for six years of marriage. We’re sure she taught him many, many things that have helped him in his current marriage. 

5. Sharon Stone

Oregon Herald

Her ex-boyfriend Martin Mica (pictured above) was 30 years younger than her, and it wasn’t her first time cougar-ing either. Her ex boyfriend Christian Slater was also 11 years younger than her, but judging from how good Sharon looks, you’d never guess she’s currently 58. Today, Sharon Stone allegedly is dating David DeLuise, 43, which makes them have less of an age gap than her previous boyfriend, but she’s still cougar-ing nonetheless. 

6. Madonna

Madonna doesn’t let her age define her, and it’s amazing. From risqué butt-baring bull-fighting costumes to her 25 year old boyfriend of three years, Madonna stays as fucking young as she wants to be. Before dating Brahim Zaibat for three years (he was 25 while she was 55), she dated Jesus Luz (21) and Timor Steffens (26). In March, Madonna was reportedly dating African model Aboubakar Soumahoro, but it’s unclear if that 32-year age gap romance is still hot and heavy. 

7. Cameron Diaz

Once you accept the fact that Cameron Diaz is now dating the guy you had a crush on in the third grade, you can applaud her cougar-ific behavior. She previously dated Justin Timberlake, who was nine years younger than her, but now she’s wifed up to Benji Madden. Cam is 43 whereas Benji is 36, but the two seem really cute together in a super unexpected way. But, like, I’m still jealous tbh.

8. Nicole Scherzinger

Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was a cougar like Nicole? Probably. Scherzinger, 37 is now dating tennis player Gregor Dimitrov, 25. She’s previously dated Lewis Hamilton, who was six years younger, and Talan Torriero, who was eight years younger. 

9. Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is essentially queen of the cougars, but it may have been that her 34 year old boyfriend was actually king of the cubs. After an on again, off again relationship through last summer, it was rumored that her ex Jonathan Bricklin starting dating Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter, who was 68 (four years older than Susan at the time).

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