6 Reasons Why Chicks Love Older Dudes

Ever since we stopped realizing that boys have cooties, we’ve been pining for older dudes. At age six, we were rejecting the shy boys in our class for the cool older guys that had a rolling backpack and braces. In high school, we were awaiting the days when we could leave behind the scrawny dudes without a driver’s license for the college guys that were “so much more mature” and could actually buy alcohol. Once you got to college, you realized frat dudes are the exact opposite of mature, and you longed for a sugar daddy that already had his life together… and the bank account to match.

Why is it that we’re always loving older dudes? Is there going to be a point where it stops being cool to date an older guy and we start reversing into a cougar lifestyle? Maybe older guys aren’t always the knights in shining armor that we think they are, but there’s something about them that keeps us coming back…

Kylie_Tyga_Ferrari_GaloreIllustration By Ashley Uzer

1. They Know How To Plan a Date

Instead of texting you the ever so vague “wanna hangout?” an older dude can actually take initiative and plan a date. Instead of ‘Netflix and chill’ you’re much more likely to check out a cool museum exhibit and grab some sushi after (free food is always better than watching Netflix with a boner against your leg).

2. They’re More Experienced In Bed

You may not want to think of all the girls your man has boned before you, but at the end of the day it means he’s probably got better sex skills than a less experienced guy. Even if he doesn’t rock your world upon your first f*ck, he’s still much more likely to pick-up on the things you like in bed and be willing to try new things, and that’s much more than you can say about the drunk college dude who refuses to eat pussy.

3. They Aren’t Afraid of Commitment 

Science has proven that our generation of 20-somethings is much more likely to suffer the “next best thing” complex. It’s tough for us to commit because we’re always worried that there’s a better option out there. From researching 20 restaurants on yelp to messaging hundreds of dudes on Tinder, it’s hard to stay faithful when there are so many options. The older a guy is, the more likely that he’s had his chance to try lots of fish in the sea, and now he’s ready to settle down with one (plus, he already knows what he likes).

4. You Automatically Feel More Mature By Association

There’s something about dating an older dude that makes you feel all grown up. Your friends might be spending their Saturday night on a drunk bar crawl, while you and your man might be seeing a broadway show. Instead of having to wait around for your dude’s FIFA championship to be over, you’re waiting for him to get out of work (like, as in a big boy job). Being young and stupid is the greatest, but sometimes it’s nice having a mature influence on your life (especially one with killer baby blue eyes).

5. You Don’t Know His Hook-Up History

The problem with dating guys in your circle of friends (or even at your college) is that it’s likely that you know his ex-girlfriend, his old f*ck buddy, and his last three hook-ups. As much as it’s good to be open with each other in relationships, sometimes you don’t need to know these things off the bat, and it can turn you off from somebody pretty quickly. The benefit of dating an older dude is that you’re less likely to have the same friends, and therefore less likely to know his previous sexual partners (unless he’s constantly dating younger chicks, might be a red flag…).

6. Science Says It Makes Sense

Ever since elementary school it was pretty obvious that girls seem to mature faster than boys, and science backs up this claim. In a study focusing on the brain and how it stores information, it was found that the “brain maturing process” begins for girls around age 10, while for boys it sometimes won’t occur until age 20. That’s a ten year gap! Needless to say, it completely makes sense that your new boo is 10 years your senior.



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