4 Reasons It’s OKAY To Date a Younger Dude

For a very long time, I was absolutely against dating anyone younger than me. If they graduated the same year as me, I let it slide, but anything else was a complete no-no. After all, older guys were hotter, more mature, and had their own apartments- right? Why on earth would you want to waste time with a younger guy who still didn’t know what a clitoris was?

While this was certainly true as a freshman in college, I’ve learned that being older doesn’t always make you wiser, and age ain’t nothing but a number. If you’re feeling like a cougar, never fear- Courtney Cox did it, and so can you!


1. You Get To Feel Wiser

How annoying is it when you’re dating an older guy and he makes a point of saying how young you are whenever he can? Whether he’s calling you “kid” or pointing out that he lost his virginity when you were still in pre-school, it gets really annoying. Now that you’re the older one in the relationship, you can feel a little superior (although you would never tease your bae like your ex dude did to you… right?). Besides, I know you ladies all have that maternal instinct, and it’ll probably turn you on to get to help him with his job applications or apartment search.

2. You Can Take Control In The Bedroom

Not that I ever really like taking control in the bedroom too much (I’m a submissive… sorry), but there’s something sexy about getting to show a less experienced guy what makes you go crazy. Feel free to have fun with a little teacher-student roleplay, but make sure to never make him feel embarrassed for not knowing how to hit your g-spot or what a flogger is- slow and steady wins the race.

3. And Enjoy His Youthful Energy 

While your high school sex endeavors may seem a bit silly compared to what you’ve been doing recently, you can’t deny that you used to have way more sex (in way less time) when you were younger. While dating a younger guy, it’s a lot less likely that you’ll have to take a long hiatus between round 1 and 2 (and maybe 3 if you’re lucky).

4. You Get To Channel J.Lo 

Whether it’s smiled or frowned upon, you can’t deny that being a cougar is what all the hotties in Hollywood are doing. If Demi Moore can date a guy way younger than her, why can’t you? This is 2015 people, and as long as everything is legal (ahem, no 16-year-olds, missy), you should go for whoever you want.

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