Lindsay Lohan: The New Queen Of Cougartown?, We Weigh In!

We honestly can’t even be mad at Lilo for her recent string of cradle robbing romances..I mean, the girl can’t drink so at LEAST let her get some dick, no? But we can’t help but wonder how the pick up process works for her. Does she have some sort of internal radar that automatically cuts guys that were born before 1995 out of her vision?? Does she wait outside of clubs in the meatpacking district to see which guys can’t get in with their fakes and then pounce?? Whatever it is, Lilo is officially the queen of Cougarville and parents need to be weary of any approaching beeping sounds..because that’s Lilo’s alcohol monitoring anklet and it means she coming for your boy! Regardless, we’re taking a look at the 3 boys she’s been linked to lately…

3. Morgan O’Connor

Lilo has recently been linked to the 18 year old Ralph Lauren despite his being in a serious relationship.

2. Liam Dean
15_11A (2)

She’s also been seen partying with one of our own Galore boys, Liam Dean, having been seen with him around NYC back in October. Liam’s actually 19 though so he’s just a TAD too old for the actress now. Whatever, we love you Liam!

1. Michael Neeson

Lilo’s most recent conquest is none other than Michael Neeson, the son of actor Liam Neeson. Reports says she was seen cozying up to the 18 year old this past Friday at hotspot Finale. Wonder how daddy feels about this..

The real question is: is Lilo just having a little fun with her new boy toy fetish or is this some sort of downward spiral that’s going to lead to her getting arrested for statuary rape??

Regardless, Lilo needs to realize that there IS a limit, and she’s pushing it.



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