6 Reasons It Makes Sense That Donald Trump Is A Gemini

It’s everyone’s favorite Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s 70th birthday and you know what that means? It’s a moment to think of Donald Trump as a human! And not only that, a Gemini!

They’re generally known for being two-faced, chatty, and at worst, superficial, but I looked up the astrological profile for Geminis on Astrology.com, the descriptions were surprisingly on point. Another website even said that the Gemini path is “to translate complex ideas into a popular-culture dialogue.”

Here are 6 ways that knowing Donald Trump is a Gemini might help you understand your future president him a little better.

1. “They love to talk!

Nobody is confused about whether Donald Trump likes to talk.

3. “They can be wishy-washy, too, changing their mood on a simple whim.”

This could explain his flip-flopping on many issues, like abortiondonald_trump_photo_president_2016_flip_flops-rf2c1d966f39043159c7d7ee09305f05b_z9cuv_324

4. “You’re not sure which Twin will show up half the time.”

Who is the real Donald Trump? This reminded me of another article I wrote about the Donald a few months ago, describing how Donald has no friends anymore (very sad for a Gemini), but when he did, they were all rappers. How does a guy whose built his reputation off super racist ideals reconcile that? We’ll probably never know.

5. “At work, they are the clearest of thinkers.”

It is clear that Donald Trump is rich.

 6. “Can A Gemini Be Boring? Never!”

Hey, no one can say the guy isn’t entertaining. It’s the Gemini way!

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