Are You A Fuck Girl? Here are 20 Signs You Might Be

Are you a fuck girl? While I can’t deny that I use the term fuck boy as much as possible, I also can’t deny that some of us ladies reflect our counterparts pretty well. Unlike the male species, we probably weren’t born fuck girls. Maybe somebody hurt us, and we’re retaliating by taking it out on the rest of the male population. Maybe we just really like attention, but can never settle for just one dude. The most likely reason is that we got sick of boys who played games, so we decided to give them a taste of their own medicine (and we all know it’s way easier for a girl to be a player anyways). Here is a list of signs that you may very well be a fuckgirl:


1. You’ve sent mass booty call texts before

Maybe it wasn’t all the exact same text, but it was 2 am and you wanted to see who would respond first.

2. You have at least 6 dudes named Ben in your phone 

Some of them with last names like “1Oak” or “Atlantic City Boardwalk.”

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3. You personally identify with Kanye West’s ‘Heartless’

Okay fine, ‘These Hoes Ain’t Loyal’ gets you going too..

4. You can’t remember the last time you had a crush that lasted longer than a week

It’s more like obsessing over a guy until you have him to yourself, then quickly forgetting about him.

5. You treat guys like promoters

Wait, wait, how many bottles are you getting?


6. You’ve made-out with a dude to get what you want

It’s practically the 2015 way to shake hands, right?

7. Sometimes you still text your ex

It might be after 2 wine bottles to the face, but sometimes you still feel like you miss him..

8. You also tend to hook up with guys that look like your ex

Of course you don’t realize this until people start telling you that your new boy toy is practically your ex’s fraternal twin..

9. You have dudes in every state (or at least the tri-state area)

Going on spring break? Make sure to text that guy from Miami with the great mustache. Going abroad? Maybe you should take advantage of that new Tinder “passports” function…


10. You flirt with dudes you have no intention of sleeping with

But maybe they’ll buy you a drink or pay for your Uber home? Besides, you’re bored and your friend is making out with the bouncer.

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11. You tweet derogatory lyrics from rappers like Lil Wayne

“Long as my bitches love me… I ain’t give a f*** about no n****..”

12. You go on a shitload of dates..

Because who’s going to say no to some free shit (specifically food) and some (hopefully not terrible) company?


13. But ignore their texts afterwards

It’s not your fault you weren’t into him (and the other ten dudes who took you to dinner last month)… right? And it’s easier to just ignore him then to tell him that I would never ever sleep with him.

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14. You question if you’ll ever get married

Meanwhile your roommate is pinning wedding themes to her Pinterest board…

15. In your group of friends, you’re always dubbed ‘Samantha’

Hey, it’s better than being Miranda…


16. Your friends can’t keep track of all the dudes you talk about

So you’ve stopped referring to them as “one of the guys I’m seeing” and started being specific; like “the Jewish dude with the dick piercing.”

17. When guys say things like “I’m gonna cuddle you so hard” you die a little inside

Can you replace the word “cuddle” with the word “f***” please?


18. You also feel like you’re losing brain cells every time you catch a glimpse of ‘The Bachelor’

Why the f*** are these bitches fighting for a farmer dude as if he’s worth a million dollars?

19. You can’t stand hearing your friends talk about their relationships

Omg he bought you roses and chocolate for V-day? How un-cliche and so romantic!

20. Sometimes you worry that you’ll never find a guy you really like 

But until then… might as well keep trying, right?

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