8 Signs You’re Being Benched Instead of Ghosted

In case you aren’t up to date with the latest shitty relationship lingo, benching is the crueler, more psychotic form of ghosting.

It’s easy to know if you’ve been ghosted, but it’s not quite as easy to pick up on if you’re warming the bench for the current dude you’re crushing on.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some signs that you’re probs being benched. If these sound familiar, it’s time for you to do the honors and ghost someone’s ass.

1. You Text Constantly, But Rarely Hang Out

Your relationship seems like some middle school shit. You’re constantly texting each other, but he never makes real plans to meet him, and when you casually suggest something he’s always “busy.” He also randomly stops texting you for large blocks of time, then returns like nothing happened.

2. He’ll Only Text You At Closing Time

When you see him out and he brushes you off like just another girl, you don’t think much of it. It’s not like it’d be the first time that a dude tried to play it cool in front of his friends, right? But if he doesn’t pay much attention to you all night and then texts you at closing time, it’s probably because you were his last resort. Go home and get pizza instead of that dick.

3. His Phone Is Always Blowing Up

It could be his “bro” group chat, but it’s more likely all the other girls he’s talking to. No need to try to snoop through his phone while he’s sleeping though, just move on.

4. He Only Wants To Hang When It’s Convenient For Him

Anybody who treats you like this is shitty regardless, but if he’s blowing up your phone one night and not responding to your drunk texts the next, it’s probably because his Plan A pulled through and he doesn’t need you.

5. He’s Hot and Cold

Guys might seem crazy, but they’re easy to figure out. The guy you’re fucking acts like your boyfriend one night, then disappears for a week and acts super distant. Is it because he’s not in touch with his emotions or he’s scared of how much he likes you? Probs not. It’s more likely that he’s just entertaining his other options.

6. He Clearly Has A Main Chick

If a dude’s been hitting you up, but seems to have an almost-girlfriend according to social media, it’s not because he’s going to leave that girl for you. It’s because if that girl fucks him over, he wants to have a backup. Don’t let that be you.

7. He Randomly Sends You Snapchats

It’s not because he’s thinking of you, it’s because it’s easy for him to mass Snapchat all the girls he’s talking to so he can show off his biceps and remind everyone that he’s totally fuckable.

8. He Hits You Up Right As You Thought You’d Been Ghosted

So you haven’t heard from a guy in a while, and right when you’re about to accept that you’ll probs never see his perfectly chiseled butt again, you get a text that says, “hey stranger.” Okay, first off, anyone who says “hey stranger” to begin with is probably benching you. Second off, boys have a sixth sense to know when you’re about to leave the bench, and they don’t want that shit, so they’ll probs text you and butter you up right as you’re about to give up on him. Rise above it!

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