We Wish Adults Used These Middle School Flirting Techniques

Contrary to popular belief, girls can actually be pretty simple when you go back to basics. Although we dream of a man like Christian Grey to sweep us off of our feet, sometimes it’s the little things that really make us go crazy.

1. Hand-Written Notes

If you write me a letter, your chances go from 0-100 real quick. What guys don’t get is that we’re not asking for a shakespearian poem, or even something super romantic. Any type of note will do, even if it’s a post-it with a cute little message when we least expect it. If your dude is trying to ask you for anal, he better send you a letter in the mail, postage and all.

2. Hand-Made Jewelry 

Maybe it was just my middle school… but all the cool dudes would make those hemp bracelets for the girls that they were into- and the chicks went crazy. I’d take something hand-made over some basic Tiffany’s heart shit any-day. Just like with the notes, no girl expects you to be mining diamonds on the weekends or beading for days. I literally had a dude give me a piece of fabric cut from his t-shirt that he tied around my wrist in the 8th grade… I still wore that shit.

3. Mix CDs = Panty Dropper

I can guarantee I’m not the only one who judges potential suitors based on their music taste. Nothing gets me hot and bothered like a dude who has some new jams to show me, I kid you not. And although it’s much easier for some f***boy to send a girl a Youtube link via Facebook, that extra effort to burn a CD makes a huge difference.

4. Playing Outside

Remember when you couldn’t have your bae over to your house because you lived with your parents? While you might not want to risk a ticket for public indecency (read about that here), there’s something extra romantic about day-dates in a weird way. Maybe it’s that there isn’t the pressure to go home with each other after, or maybe it’s that you don’t need to get drunk to talk to each other!

5. Calling Instead of Texting

One of the things that made us so crazy about a boy when we were younger was that we had to wait till 4th period gym class to see his beautiful pre-pubescent face. Although we may wonder why our man isn’t texting us all day, there’s something about that feeling we get when he leaves us a cute voicemail that makes all the psycho over-thinking worth it.

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